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Posted by Admin on 25 June 2007, 12:00 am

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT: (Contact: John Pullen – Tel: 281250)

NORTHWOOD COMMUNITY FORUM: The first open Northwood Community Forum was held on the 29th May at the W.I. Hall. The meeting was chaired by the Isle Of Wight Safer Neighbourhood Partnership and some 60 residents attended. The Cowes Police Safer Neighbourhood Team were much in evidence, as was the Village Management Committee and Cllr Roger Mazillius.

The meeting was told of the ethos behind Safer Neighbourhoods which is –

ACCESS: to policing or community safety services through a named point of contact;
INFLUENCE: over community safety priorities in their neighbourhood;
INTERVENTIONS: Joint action with communities and partners to solve problems;
ANSWERS: sustainable solutions to problems and feedback on results.

The meeting was organised in groups who were asked to decide their top three concerns about Northwood. This was then brought together to form a priority list for the whole meeting. The results were as follows:

1. SPEEDING – 31 votes;
2. VANDALISM – 21 votes;
3. ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR by children and young people – 16 votes.

These topics will now be actioned by the Police and the Council.

CRIME REPORT: In general, there have been few reported problems in the area, apart from the Scout Hut that had property stolen from inside. It is not clear how this occurred as there was no sign of forced entry. Discussions are taking place about enhancing the security of the hut, which seems to suffer from incidents of vandalism. Complaints have been received about excessive speed, by cars and motorcycles, in the Village. Sadly, it would appear that some of the people involved are residents. The police are aware and will be monitoring the situation.

SUMMER BREAK-IN’S: Each summer at least one home in Northwood is entered by opportunistic burglars –  Please ensure it isn’t yours!!

Whilst the weather is hot, walk-in burglars look for open windows, unlocked doors, unsecured garden sheds etc. They can be in, steal items, and be out often without the householder knowing until later. Please ensure you lock your doors, especially the modern double-glazed doors, when not in use. Also, a number of burglaries arose recently where items have been stolen from unlocked cars – sometimes on driveways! Many of these burglaries, again, have occurred whilst the occupants have been close by!

RECYCLING BINS: In addition to the black paper/glass recycling bins, I have some green organics bins – contact me if you’d like one!

to speak to a police officer or staff member or report a crime;
101: vandalism & graffiti, noise nuisance, threatening & abusive behaviour, abandoned vehicles, dumping & fly-tipping, drunk & rowdy groups, broken street lighting, drug-related anti-social behaviour;
999: Emergencies only (i.e. when crimes are being committed).

BOUNDARY REVIEW UPDATE (Contact: Paul Fuller – Tel: 289595): Following the NVMC’s earlier representation to the Council’s Boundary Review for Northwood, the Isle of Wight Council revised its plans and has kept the whole of Northwood within any future proposed ward for the village. The new plans also include the Westbury Estate and those roads around the perimeter of Northwood Recreation Ground, Park Road.
The NVMC supported the Council’s revised application.

GRANTS APPLICATIONS (Contact: Maxine Yule – Tel: 297367): Northwood Village Management Committee has a small pot of money set aside for assisting in the development of local projects.

If you are a member of, or know of a local group which supports our Community in Northwood you could well be entitled to apply. Contact me if you require an application form or information. Also details of our criteria are available from the Notice Board adjacent to the Horseshoe Car Park. The Deadline for all applications is 10am, Saturday 1st September 2007.

TRAFFIC REPORT (Contact: Dave Miller – Tel: 241016): Whilst highway improvements are not directly within the scope of the NVMC (and indeed the recent Pallance Road works cost approximately 10 times our entire annual budget), the NVMC is able to make comments on such issues, either unsolicited, or in response to consultation exercises (e.g. the Local Transport Plan – In order to make justifiable representations we endeavour to maintain knowledge of local issues. Issues include:

Perceived speeding (Newport Road & others);
Pedestrian safety (Four Cross, Pallance Road, Wyatts Lane);
Medham access / egress at traffic lights;
Inconsiderate parking;
Pavement / Footpath obstruction or restriction (Cars / Hedges);
Congestion into Newport (outside Northwood, but affecting accessibility to residents).

If you wish to advise the NVMC of any transport-related issues, please do so; we would be keen to understand any perceived problems, your interpretation of the contributing factors, and any suggestions for alleviation.

PALLANCE ROAD: The Pallance Road footpath (Wyatts Lane to Nodes Road) and ‘pinch-point’ have now been in place for just over two months. Many representations have been received by Cllr Roger Mazillius (IW councillor for Northwood), the highways department, and the NVMC. It is understood that the highways department are considering whether any additional parking restrictions may be required to maintain safety and traffic flow. If interested, then please keep an eye out for any official notices that may appear in the vicinity, or in the County Press etc.

The traffic-calming measures proposed for much of the remainder of Pallance Road are still awaiting prioritisation and further budgetary consideration. The consultation comments previously received by the Highways Department will then be given consideration prior to any scheme commencement.

20MPH ZONES: We also understand that the ‘20mph zones’ outside schools, recently announced by the IW Council Leader in the February Budget, will be spread over a number of years. One scheme for early consideration is understood to be a 20mph zone (including any supporting traffic-calming measures) in the vicinity of Somerton Middle School and Love Lane Primary School.

FUTURE MEETINGS OF NVMC (Contact: Maxine Yule – Tel: 297367)

Full Committee: Tuesday 3rd July at 7pm, and Tuesday 4th September at 7pm, in Northwood School Hall.

Planning Committees: Tuesday 17th July at 7.30pm; Tuesday 7th August at 7.30pm; Tuesday 21st August at 7.30pm.
For confirmation of Planning Committee and venue please contact Maxine Yule 297367 (Agenda on Notice Board / Website)

All meetings are scheduled to be held at Northwood School Hall. Planning Applications are available for 15 minutes prior to the commencement of each meeting.

(Contact: Peter Brooker – Tel: 296958)

Do you care about your surroundings? Are you aware how they have changed over the weeks, months and years? Do you notice when lawns, hedges and trees disappear and never seem to get replaced? Do you worry how new housing changes the street scenes, and not always for the better? What do you think of the architectural design of new properties? Does it matter to you how pavements, walls, signs and street furniture can collectively lead to creeping urbanisation in our semi-rural area?

If you do think about any of these and similar issues, you may be interested to know that the VMC agreed at a recent meeting that the ‘visual environment’ – both built and non-built – is important in our community and needs to be assessed and discussed with ‘professionals’ to see how we might retain and enhance the best features; and how we might mitigate the effects of the worst in the future.

How, when, what, who … ? We don’t know yet as we have only just tabled this all-embracing topic. However, if YOU can support or help us in the future on this, we’d like to know that you too think what we see about us each and every day DOES matter!

NVMC – EXPENDITURE 2006/7 (Contact: Colin Cramp – Tel: 289996)

Unlike some Shadow Local Councils, Northwood did not have to return a single penny of the money we received from the Isle of Wight Council Tax Precept from last year.

For other unparished areas this has caused considerable concern due to the Isle of Wight Council operating a claw-back ensuring Management Committees are unable to keep hold of money from one year to the next. In some areas that had identified longer term projects this amounted to thousands of pounds. In Northwood, it helped that comparatively our budget was very small. We are also very fortunate that some of our members hold an impressive attention to detail, with an understanding of the small print…

It should be noted that this financial year’s budget is £7500, the detail of which was outlined in February 2007’s Northwood News – see on-line on this website, or the Notice Board next to the Horseshoe Inn car park.

Northwood Village Produce Association Annual Show (Contact: Ron Willis – Tel: 200452)

As usual judging for Northwood In Bloom will commence in the first two weeks of July. It is not necessary to apply to enter, as all gardens are entered automatically. Prizes will be handed out at the Northwood Village Produce Association’s Annual Show on Saturday 25th August. (See below and NVPA’s permanent advert on page 3).

If you wish to see the work of the ’Association all are welcome. This year again youngsters are encouraged to get involved. Entrants’ forms for Adults and Children are available through Ron Willis. Contact 200452 for further information.


In May, the Management Committee was asked to make representations concerning a van selling sweets and drinks each day in Venner Avenue next to the Park, for 3 months.

The Committee objected to this application on the grounds that we felt this was inconsistent with local and national policies which promotes healthy living, whilst also concerned for the impact this could have on local shops. Our objection was mirrored by Cowes Town Council and Northwood School; however despite these objections the Council’s Licensing Committee voted in favour of the application.

Do you feel that our objections were unfounded, or were we correct in making these views known? The trial for the van lasts for 3 months – please tell us what YOU think! When the application is made again we can then ensure all comments are considered before making a final decision.


At a loose end this summer? In a survey children and adults got together to compile this list of cheap activities for children during holiday time. Hope you find this useful !! :

Roll down a grassy bank • Make a mud pie • Prepare a modelling dough mixture • Collect bugs • Bake some bread

Make perfume with flower petals • Grow Cress on a windowsill • Make a papier-mâché mask • Build a sand castle

Climb a tree • Make a den in the garden • Paint using hands and feet • Organise a Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Have a face-painting session • Bury a friend in the sand (but not completely) • Beachcomb at Gurnard • Create a clay sculpture • Take part in a Scavenger Hunt • Camp out in the garden • Bake a cake • Grow vegetables • Feed a Farm Animal

Pick some strawberries • Play Pooh Sticks • Recognise 5 Bird Species • Plant a Tree • Cycle through a muddy puddle

Build a nest from grass and twigs • Feed the ducks at Sainsbury’s • Find 10 different leaves in the Park

Picnic in Parkhurst Forest • Create a mini-assault course in the garden • Make and fly a kite • Walk Northwood’s footpaths

Enter Village Produce Annual Show • Make breakfast in bed for Mum & Dad

ALLOTMENTS (Contact: Paul Fuller – Tel: 289595)

We’ve made it! Six residents have now requested allotments, so the process of finding a suitable location and potential grant-funding is progressing. Although the criteria we work to is that we require six residents to request an allotment, we hope there will be extra capacity for allotments for other people in addition to the six who requested one.

Saturday 25th August at Northwood W.I. Hall from 2.30pm

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