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Posted by Admin on 21 February 2008, 12:00 am

John Pullen, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Tel: 01983 281250

PC Mark Thomas and PCSO Steve Oatley have reported no household burglaries in the last month. Likewise, no assaults, and no Public Order offences.

One crime that did occur is the theft of lead from the roof of Northwood Primary School. This happened sometime during January and despite enquiries at Island metal dealers, no trace of the lead has been found. The quantity taken was considerable and would have required a large van or lorry to remove it. If you saw any vans or lorries, at the school or people on the roof, please report to 0845 045 45 45. Any innocent workmen can then be eliminated.

We reported last month on the electric timers available as an Anti Burglar initiative. I have a small stock; if you know of an elderly person in your street who could benefit from using one of these, please let myself or Paul Fuller know.

The Cowes Safer Neighbourhood Police Team, because of the poor turnout at the last Safer Communities meeting, have decided that in future they will be taking the team to meet people in their own street. Households in the selected street will be sent leaflets advertising when the mobile police van is in their area and residents will be invited to come along and discuss any problems with the team.

As reported last month, a company called SWIFT is doing telephone market research on behalf of the Government. They are enquiring about Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police, and want the views of the residents in our area. This is a genuine research company, so no one needs to be concerned if they ring.

One point, no one informed the local police of this activity, which has caused questions to be raised by the local police, and our councillor, Roger Mazillius.

Be careful of any other individuals ringing, particularly if they give you a number to call. This could be a premium rate line which is very expensive.

The numbers to ring for the police are:
0845 045 45 45 – to speak to a police officer or staff member or report a crime;

999 for emergencies;

101 for vandalism and graffiti, noise nuisance, threatening and abusive behaviour, abandoned vehicles, dumping and fly-tipping, drunk and rowdy groups, broken street lighting, drug-related anti-social behaviour;

CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. You can remain anonymous and the calls are not recorded.

We now have a stock of green organic waste bins available as well as the black boxes for Glass and Paper. Please contact me if you require one.

Paul Fuller NVMC – Tel: 01983 289595

A new business has been set up on the Northwood Business Park which recycles old furniture and offers to collect this for free; for details contact ICFS on 07527 165775.

Penny Elford NVMC – The Environment Tel: 01983 289945

Concerns have been expressed by walkers about cyclists using public footpaths, especially CS33 which connects Medham Village with the main Cowes / Newport cycle track. This inconsiderate and unnecessary use has made the path extremely hazardous for its intended purpose as a footpath. The area is well-blessed with excellent cycle track ways and it is therefore not necessary to use the footpaths for anything other than their intended purpose.

Colin Cramp, NVMC – The Economy Tel: 01983 289996.

House prices out of reach for first-time buyers.

Most if not all young couples would like to own their own home, but we are all aware of how difficult it is on the Isle of Wight for first-time buyers. Average wages here are about 17% lower, yet house prices are on a par with the mainland. Many years ago house prices reflected the average wage in any part of the UK, and on the Island both wages and house prices were lower than on the mainland.

But in recent years more and more people are coming to the island to retire, and this demand for homes has raised the average house price to that of the mainland. At present approximately half of the price of a property is for the “bricks and mortar”, and half for the land.

So what can be done to help would-be first-time buyers who live on the Isle of Wight, and encourage young people to stay here rather than move to the mainland? Maybe the Isle of Wight Council could insist that a covenant be placed on all newly-built homes (other than those built for housing associations) stipulating that each new home must be owned and occupied in perpetuity by people who have lived on the island for a minimum number of years. Because people from the mainland would be ineligible to purchase these new homes, the developers would have to lower their selling prices. The landowners and developers would make less profit (what a shame), and more of our young Islanders would be able to afford to buy their own home.

This would not solve the problem overnight, but could be very beneficial in the long term. An added bonus – fewer houses would be built on our Island.

From Alice Cundall, IWRCC, Rural Health Trainer for Northwood & NW Wight.
Tel: 07815 020278.

The Health Trainer Service is a government-funded, nationwide service provided by the Primary Care Trust in partnership with the Rural Community Council and other agencies. It offers a friendly and approachable way of obtaining practical ideas, support and information to anyone, aged over 18 years, who wishes to improve their health and wellbeing. Health Trainers aim to motivate people, help set personal goals, give encouragement and support to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We aim to guide you but not to instruct, give medical advice or tell anyone what they should be doing! We offer support on a number of health issues such as exercise and increasing physical activity, caring issues, oral health, mental health, smoking cessation, alcohol use, sexual health and healthy eating / weight issues.

We can support you on a one-to-one basis, based on a system of self-referral or by visiting us at a local drop-in-centre for information. Support will be provided for up to six sessions to help to achieve personal health goals. The service is free and impartial. Privacy and complete confidentiality will be observed at all times.

For health information, Alice will be available at a local venue on a regular basis, please see the Northwood News for details.

Paul Fuller, Tel: 01983 289595

Hillis Gate Stables.

The January meeting of the NVMC’s Planning Committee, was our most popular yet (!), with 24 residents in attendance. This was mainly due to the Planning Application to alter Hillis Gate Stables, to a themed caravan park.

Following hearing and seeing excellent representations from the local Community, the Management Committee objected to the application on 11 grounds. These included that the site lies outside the development envelope, concerns regarding access, the adverse impact on the environment and concerns regarding water supply. The Isle of Wight Council will make a final decision on this application in the weeks ahead.

New Chairman and Vice Chairman unanimously elected.

As the outgoing Chairman, it gave me great pleasure in seeing John Pullen being elected Chairman, and Pete Brooker as Vice Chair for what remains of the life of the Management Committee, at our February meeting. I hope these months prove to be as stimulating and exciting for them, as it was for me!

Planning Appeal – Land adjacent 32 Fieldway Crescent.

Like the aforementioned Planning Application at Hillis Gate, the Fieldway Crescent application received a large number of representations from the local community last year. Despite the Isle of Wight Committee refusing this application, this decision was overturned at appeal.

Councillor Mazillius advised the committee he felt the conditions imposed by the Inspector should help this building fit into the street scene. However, this approval would put a great deal of pressure on residents, especially on the north side, to sell their land to the detriment of their enjoyment and that of their neighbours.

Housing Needs Survey.

One project highlighted within the Parish Plan, was to collate a Housing Needs Survey, to gauge whether there is a need for ‘affordable’ housing for local residents. Unfortunately, owing to the timescale of the required consultation, it would prove difficult to complete this within the lifespan of the Committee. It was therefore agreed to pass this mantle over to the new Parish Council.

Funding Request Approved.

The NVMC agreed to financially support the application made by the ‘Supporters of Northwood School’ for rubber matting for the school’s play equipment. The matting itself is due to cost £9,800, for which the ‘Supporters’ have so far fundraised £5,000. The Committee resolved to award the ‘Supporters of Northwood School’ a further £500 to go towards this project.

Ferry Fares Fair?

The Management Committee agreed to support the campaign from our MP to challenge the costs of ferries to and from the Island. If you require further information concerning Andrew Turner’s ‘non-political campaign’ see the website.

Dog Mess and Seagulls.

We have received a number of pleas from the community that residents resist the temptation of feeding seagulls…(again!). I have also been asked to remind dog owners to be vigilant and to please remove any dog mess deposited by their pets. I understand that, in Wyatts Lane, there seems to be a persistent offender who, once caught, will be reported!

Cllr Roger Mazillius Tel: 01983 295556.

Following representations from several residents and clarifying the degree of consultation with home owners around the pinch point, a further two weeks of consultation is taking place from 12th February.

Already the views are firmly against such lines and I will support this stance when the final decision is taken by the Council. I apologise to residents for my misunderstanding of the extent of the consultation process which has now been remedied. I am particularly grateful to Mark Casson for his initiative in gathering the helpful views of so many residents and to Sue Calver of the Post Office for pointing out the problems she would encounter if all the lines proposed were installed.

The two pairs of speed-reaction signs are due to be installed shortly after you have read this issue of Northwood News.

Cllr Roger Mazillius Tel: 01983 295556

I thank those parents and teachers who have contacted me on this important issue and all those who attended Cowes High School for the tenth and last of the special consultation evenings.

Much excellent feedback has been received and I am looking forward to studying the report bringing together all this feedback and questionnaire returns before voting takes place on 19th March. Please rest assured that I shall consider extremely carefully the importance of thriving local schools where standards can not only be maintained but improved. I must also remind residents that this is a genuine consultation process. No decision has been taken to close any school. That will be decided, one way or another, by the Full Council on 19th March, after which any decision will have to be justified to H.M. Government and by further statutory consultation on the Island.

Colin Palmerton, Northwood Community Partnership Tel: 01983 282242

There is to be a new organisation to oversee Northwood Cemetery, the objectives of which are:

1. To establish the group as a creditable organisation throughout the Island community committed to the preservation and restoration of Northwood Cemetery;

2. To attract both passive and active members with the latter prepared to undertake volunteer work on-site at various reference offices and at home;

3. To work closely with the Isle of Wight Council and other parties to develop long term future for fabric of the cemetery, particularly the chapel and mortuary buildings.

For further information contact Jon Matthews Tel: 01983 247498 or Email:

For further details, contact
Maxine Yule 01983 297367 NVMC or Eileen Palmerton 01983 282242 NCP

Tuesday 4th March at 7.00pm: Northwood Village Management Committee
Tuesday 18th March at 6.00pm: Northwood Community Partnership
Tuesday 18th March* at 7.30pm: Northwood Village Management Committee (Planning)
Tuesday 25th March at 7.00pm: Northwood Village Management Committee

*Planning Only meeting, subject to confirmation; contact Maxine Yule for details

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