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Posted by Admin on 13 September 2007, 12:00 am

(Paul Fuller, Tel: 01983 289595)

On Monday 3rd September, the Island’s Safer Communities Group called its follow-up meeting, charting the progress of Northwood’s previous priorities concerning Speeding, Vandalism and Anti-Social Behaviour by youths. This meeting was attended by 36 local residents.

The police reported that throughout the Island’s Safer Communities Meetings, time and time again, speeding was highlighted as a priority across the Island. This led the police to take action in and around Newport (Northwood being included!!) against speeding motorists. Under Operation Chestnut, PC Mark Thomas reported that 113 motorists had been prosecuted.

With reference to the Anti-Social Behaviour and Vandalism, Sgt Julie Cocks remarked that during the summer, counts of Criminal Damage in Northwood were relatively low with only one report made each fortnight. One member of the public criticised that many residents did not want to report criminal activity for the fear of reprisals by perpetrators. PC Mark Thomas stated that from his experience in 9 out of 10 cases, crimes were admitted in the first instance and reprisals were uncommon. Sgt Cocks developed this by stating that it was essential for the police to have witness statements, for the use as evidence; the more evidence the police could collect the more this would help them to ensure action could be taken. Sgt Cocks reiterated that if more residents came to the police at an earlier opportunity, this would enable criminal activity to be ‘nipped in the bud’ rather than being allowed to develop.
At the end of the meeting residents were asked again to revisit the new priorities for the community, these being:

SPEEDING (in Northwood) (32 votes)

VANDALISM (11 votes)

PARKING (16 votes: 10 related to parking outside Northwood School + 6 votes parking in Pallance Road)

It was supported, by the residents at the meeting, that a Highways Officer attends the next meeting of the Forum.


(Paul Fuller, Tel: 01983 289595)

Coincidentally, the Northwood Village Management Committee were asked to look at four applications, subject to going out to wider consultation. These were as follows:

1. To revoke a section of the Double Yellow Lines at the bottom section adjacent to 50/52 Oxford Street.

2. To implement Parking Restrictions in the upper section of Pallance Road, from and including the junction with Wyatts Lane to Nodes Road.

3. To extend Parking Restrictions in Wyatts Lane southwards of the Narrow Section and adjacent to 66/64 Wyatts Lane.

4. To extend Parking restrictions on the Eastern Section of Wyatts Lane between the junction of Venner Avenue to the zebra crossing.

Although the NVMC made initial comments as to what goes out to further consultation, we would be interested to hear any further comments residents might have to these orders.

(Ron Willis Tel: 01983 200452)

Many, many thanks once more to Graham from Northwood Garage for sponsorship of Northwood In Bloom.

The Winners confirmed at this year’s Northwood Village Produce Association Annual Show were as follows:

Mr & Mrs R. Leppard, 10 Green Lane, Medham.
Mr & Mrs D. Frohnsdorff, 31 Green Lane, Medham.
Mr & Mrs A. West, 11a Nodes Road, Northwood.

Mr & Mrs R. Roper, 17 Fieldway Crescent, Northwood.
Mr & Mrs Allen, 92 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Terence Percival & Jean Tolfree, 3 Nodes Road, Northwood.

Mr & Mrs D. Toms, 83 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Mr & Mrs Martin,15 Chessell Close, Northwood.


(Paul Fuller, Tel: 01983 289595)

There will be an official launch for the NORTHWOOD PARISH PLAN on Saturday 20th October from 11.30am until 1.00pm at Northwood W.I. Hall, although we hope to distribute the Plan before then. This will be the ideal opportunity to meet with the contributors, ask questions and to understand what priorities the community will be pursuing in the months and years ahead.
As always, expect a great time with plenty of free activities, and refreshments on hand for those who attend.


(Paul Fuller, Tel: 01983 289595)

Following last month’s article concerning horse riding in and around the village, I received a number of comments from residents. Although many queried the status of the Newport to Cowes cycle track, I reassure residents that the cycle track and Church Lane is prohibited to horse riders as both are only public footpaths.
From my observations, it has become clear that much needs to be done to support access to the Countryside for horse riders. The Isle of Wight, so I’ve been advised, has the greatest horse riding concentration in the UK, with the highest concentration found in the outskirts of Cowes and Ryde. Unlike the outskirts of Ryde, Cowes has no Bridleways whatsoever.
Perhaps, as a community, this is something that we could address … If you have any ideas and are still talking(!) to me, please let me know so that we can do something positive to support the horse riding community.


(Paul Fuller, Tel: 01983 289595)

Last month, the Northwood Village Management Committee awarded a £100 Grant to Cowes Inshore Lifeboat; this followed September’s appeals for Local Groups requesting Grants from the Committee.

There will be another opportunity for local groups to apply for grants next year. If there are larger projects which your group wishes to undertake in the future that might need community support to gain additional funds from other agencies, please let us know!

Northwood Community Partnership has applied for two further grants. The first was to enhance the Venner Avenue Play Area, the other was to make improvements to the Community Notice Board adjacent to the Horseshoe Inn, which evidently we’ve outgrown! Although we were unsuccessful in the first bid, we are waiting to hear back on the Notice Board. More from Colin next month!!


(Paul Fuller, Tel: 01983 289595)

Although we may be a ‘no cold calling’ area in Northwood, we don’t really need to be told that we are paying too much for our Gas, Electricity or Broadband Connection.

A number of years ago U-Switch was set up so that consumers could independently compare the prices of their services and if necessary switch service providers without being harassed by sales people.

U-Switch can compare the costs for Gas and Electricity, Heating Cover, Water, Home and Mobile Phones, Digital TV, Car Insurance, Loans, Credit Cards, Current Accounts and Mortgages.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can contact U-Switch directly through their website; alternatively Email them at or Freephone 0800 404 7908.



Northwood Village Management Committee
Tuesday 2nd October at 7.00pm
in Northwood School Hall.

Northwood Community Partnership
Tuesday 16th October at 6.00pm
in the Staff Room, Northwood School.

Northwood Village Management Committee (Planning Meeting)
Tuesday 16th October at 7.30pm
in Northwood School Hall.
(To be confirmed – Contact Maxine Yule for details on 01983 297367)

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