Report from I.W. Councillor John Nicholson

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Good news on the drains in Pallance Road; they are scheduled to be renewed in May this year. They have tried to get them working, but they are beyond it. We could (and did) tell them that years ago, but at least now they are going to be done.
With part of Cockleton Lane renewed and part of Pallance Lane renewed, we are getting a flavour of what the new roads will be like. These roads have only been planed back and resurfaced, but some roads, later on, will be completely remade from scratch, so will involve a lot more work and take a lot more time. Some concerns have been raised about the surface in its new state, particularly from horse-riders. As I understand it, the binder floats to the surface and gives a waxy finish which the metal horseshoes slip on, especially where there is a slope and they need to get a bit of traction. We have been working with Island Roads to find a solution, and there are a couple of treatments that the BHS (British Horse Society) has approved that they are trying out. I believe there is a risk for drivers too, in certain climatic conditions, when you would not necessarily expect it. Some may remember me campaigning in the County Press for attention to the surface around Thorness Corner some years ago, where a number of people (careful drivers) came to grief, suddenly losing all grip on the road, at a time when they least expected. This only seems to be a problem where strong grip is necessary, like round Thorness Corner, and the phenomenon disappears when the surface is worn away. I am asking for an extra grip surface to be put on these potentially dangerous locations.
Flooding has been a problem, as we see on the TV, and you might not expect it to affect Northwood or Cowes South, but it has. The NW and NE corners of Northwood Recreation Ground have flooded, with only the quick action of the residents who live there preventing it from flooding into their homes. Also, a problem at a certain property along Newport Road, where the low-lying garden has flooded, with nowhere to go. It is an exceptional wet period that won’t be forgotten, I’m sure.
Those of you who support pubs will be pleased to know that, under the Beer Initiative, our MP has overseen the formation of an Island publicans’ forum to highlight and deal with the particular problems that that industry faces, and I am sure that it will grow in strength, now, and prove a useful and inclusive body for the good of the Island.
Those that are County Hall watchers will have seen that my other two Motions were passed with popular cross floor support. The Police Motion has caught the eye of the Chief Constable and I expect to be able to build on this in the community. The Complementary and Alternative Health Motion received massive support, and some way of including this branch of treatment is to be explored by the Health and Wellbeing Board. There are examples that have proved very successful and popular across the Country, including a medical practice in Devon, where they have found active inclusion beneficial to the patients and the practice.
Just a final note – if anyone is interested in voluntary community work of any kind, could they please let themselves be known to the Parish Council or to me direct.
Best wishes!
John Nicholson
Ward Member Cowes South & Northwood



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