Report from I.W. Councillor John Nicholson

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The perpetual and worsening pot-holes in Nodes Road are to be made good soon. The problem being that to do the work properly, the road will have to be closed; that is why they have been left for as long as possible. It has been a nightmare for the roads program this winter, with the constant rainfall. Asphalt cannot be laid in the rain, so time lost now has to be tried to be regained. This is why roads like Cockleton Lane have been done in advance of perhaps more urgent but potentially more disruptive main roads. If a main road gets started and cannot proceed due to inclement weather, then the operation period and disruption period is prolonged accordingly.
Likewise, when a road is renewed or resurfaced, the existing ironmongery is overlaid, then cut out and re-levelled afterwards. You might think that this should be done first, but, the disadvantage with that is that, for emergency services and access, the road would then become quite dangerous, and besides, the new road levels can be more accurately matched afterwards as well.
Good news is that an initial speed-watch exercise in Pallance Road has shown that speeding is more of a perception than a reality, whether this is due to the number of cars parked down the road now and the flooding and road damage down the bottom (now repaired) we don’t know, but it is reassuring to find that tests have shown that there are not as many reckless drivers traversing the road as was suspected, and maybe have been in the past. I think we should just keep the pressure up to make sure it stays that way!
It has been agreed with IW Council Parks, that it is worth boring holes in the flooded north-west corner of Northwood Recreation Ground, so that the rainwater can more easily reach the porous gravel substrate to drain away naturally. At the north-east corner, a ditch dug in desperation by affected residents will be utilised and made safe, retaining function as a proven effective drainage channel, by IW Council Parks. Simple solutions, we just needed to all get together to find them!
Those parliament watchers among you will have noted our MP, Andrew Turner, raising the subject of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in debate at the House of Commons on Friday 28th February citing the case for cost savings and wider benefits and my successful Motion for inclusive representation in the Island’s Health and Wellbeing Board. The result, on consideration by the Board, is that mechanism for representation will be sought through one of the already existing strategic Board member organisations.
A final note for anyone visiting the Travellers Joy who may have noticed, among all the changes, that there is a new beer blackboard displaying not only prices and strength of the beers but temperature as well. Real Ale is a living food and is highly sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is too high or low, it can have adverse effect on the live yeast, tainting the flavour and can alter the condition of the beer and how you enjoy it. Ideal temperature for Real Ale is around 11 or 12 degrees Centigrade.
We are entering a time when community spirit and work is becoming increasingly important again, so, please, those who have time and a desire to be involved in the community, whether it be in planting schemes, tidying up, caring and helping neighbours who need an extra hand, or who just plain need some company and someone to talk to, please come forward and let your parish know.

Best wishes!
John Nicholson
Ward Member Cowes South & Northwood



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