Report from I.W. Councillor John Nicholson

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Ward Member for Northwood & Cowes South
Chairman of Policy & Scrutiny Committee for Adult Social Care & Health





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The Report appearing in the March 2021 edition of Northwood News:


Cowes Medical Centre

Thank you to all those who have shared their experiences, mostly adverse, regarding accessing Cowes Medical Centre, for some it was a brave thing to do, and all the more appreciated because it has helped to make a difference. All the correspondence was anonymised and has been considered in the round by the Health Scrutiny Committee, other local Ward Councillors and Healthwatch (the official health watchdog), and we could not have done this without your response.

As a result, we have asked questions of the commissioners, the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group – a part of the NHS), which, basically, boils down to questions concerning leadership, or the absence of, that allows significant inconsistencies in standards of service between Practices across the Island, of which Cowes is only one. There are Practices that offer service that is gold standard, and with not so good facilities, so why can’t this be replicated.

We have formally written to the CCG requesting explanation before our next formal meeting, in March. I sincerely hope that ringing this alarm bell will trigger a better and more consistent patient-focused service. It’s a shame it has taken such drastic measures and sufferance to get there.

Road Drainage Issues

I am pursuing several road drainage issues, some long outstanding. Two are in Pallance Road and one in Pallance Lane. All are to do with ground water spreading across the road presenting a nuisance and danger in certain conditions. One has been partially addressed, another is in the pipeline and the third was getting sorted and then dropped and the blame shifted onto the landowner for letting water flood onto the Highway. Whilst it is true that people should not allow water to drain onto the Highway and cause a nuisance, especially water that they could control, there is another element to this.

You do not have to be a Highways engineer to know that water flows to the lowest point and, traditionally, a well-designed road has a camber in it that keeps water in the verge line. In all three cases, if the road camber, in each location, was such, there would be no issue. The water would be contained in the verge and flow to the nearest drain without flooding across the road. In upper Pallance Road it is drive-side ramps that send water out across the road. In lower Pallance Road it is lack of camber, plus parked vehicles then obstruct and divert water across the road. In Pallance Lane, regardless of field water, the road dips and ponds and it is that that allows water to flood the land opposite, causing a nuisance. If the dips were not there and the camber contained the water in the verge there would be no problem.

It takes time and energy to keep arguing these points. It took me four years to get something as important and critical to safety as a scaffolding policy, so I just keep on pressing and countering ridiculous excuses and obfuscating arguments.

Barry Cass

I was dreadfully sorry to hear of the death of our Northwood resident and celebrated landlord of the Duke of York, Barry Cass, in January. Once the Country’s youngest landlord, he became one of its longest serving in the same pub. Well regarded and with a reputation of affability he will remain fondly regarded in our memories. My, and many others’ thoughts go to Sally and family, may you know that he was loved and made a difference in his time, for the good.

Northwood Wins Pub of the Year

The Travellers Joy has, once again, won the crown of being voted IW CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) pub of the year for 2020. This is a deserving reflection of all the hard work and special care that Pete, Sam, and Dalton and staff have put in, with great love and effort into making the pub one of the friendliest places you could visit (whether you drink alcohol or not). The Travs won this accolade several times in its heyday under Derek and Ruth Smith’s direction, so it is all the more gratifying to see that, with a bit of effort, that old magic is still there, despite the world being a very different place, good old-fashioned hospitality, a sense of fun and care and lots of hard work can still come out trumps! In fact, both our pubs, the Travs and the Shoe, serve our community well and are a fitting reflection of the level of content and good will that exists in Northwood, and both should be proud of the effort and place they hold and the part they play.

John Nicholson

Ward Councillor for Northwood & Cowes South
Chairman, Policy and Health Scrutiny Committee for Adult Social Care & Health

See the I.W. Councillor’s section

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