Report from I.W. Councillor John Nicholson

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Ward Member for Northwood & Cowes South
Chairman of Policy & Scrutiny Committee for Adult Social Care & Health





PO31 8LT
Tel: 07918 757843



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The Report appearing in the June 2021 edition of Northwood News:


Thank you to all those who put their trust in me again to represent them in the Ward. I do my best, not always getting results that people might want or as quickly as they might wish, but I don’t give up easily. To those who placed their vote elsewhere, I quite understand if it was on political alignment, but if it was on my performance as your representative, I would be very keen to know what caused that, so I can learn and see if I can address whatever the issue is, irrespective of politics. To those that did not vote, I would also like to know why, if possible, please? The political system works best when more people engage in its processes, and I have to and want to fairly represent everyone. If you do not have faith or trust in the system, I would like to know about it, again, so I can learn and see if issues can be addressed.

My Group has a minority lead, falling two seats short of an overall majority, which means it could be in opposition if a larger group was formed. Some would say that this is not an unhealthy position, as it forces political factions into greater collaboration, which is what I believe we should be doing anyway and certainly put it into practice in working with my colleague neighbouring Ward Councillors.

Four years comes round fast, and there is much to do, many ongoing issues that I am working on, some in conjunction with other people and organisations, so it is good, in that respect, to have some consistency in enabling these issues to be progressed.

School Places

I am continuing to fight on behalf of residents whose children have not been allocated a place at their first school of choice, Cowes Enterprise College. Progress is being made, progress that turns up the occasional obstacle and I am speaking with those that have the power to help make a difference in this issue. It is most unfair if children cannot transition to their local school along with all the other children of the same area, who they have grown up with. It is even more unfair when anomalies are discovered that allow pupils from outside the area to be awarded places in favour of local children, and I am looking into this too.

I recognise that this situation is not acceptable and never will be, so I am doing whatever I can within my power and ability to help resolve this issue.

Primary Care Concerns Update

I am assured that change is in the wind for our local surgery, although, at times, you may wonder as complaints on access difficulties still abound. Over the election period I have been working with the Scrutiny Officer and others to distil the latest up-to-date data concerning Medical Centres and it is proving to show a definite pattern that very much supports the concerns that have already been shared with me, unsurprisingly. This is important, because it adds compelling weight to our assertion and for the organisations that oversee and control our health service to have grounds to step in if necessary.

Please, continue to feed me your experiences, good and bad – it is important to get both, because then we can know when there is meaningful change taking place.

I have and will continue to keep offering help to our surgery, as, whilst it is frustrating to experience such difficulties, I think we all want to do what we can to help achieve it.

Cowes & Northwood Place Plan, Live

If you haven’t already looked at our Place Plan, please do so, it is available on the Parish website It is a tremendous piece of work and makes very inspiring reading. The document is live now, and will evolve as we use it to enhance our community and develop the opportunities that the Place Plan highlights.

The Place Plan, is our Place Plan, and for everybody in the community, so please read it, enjoy it, take ownership and use it in your own field, and give feedback and input to its further development and evolution.

Northwood Village Hall Open Day

The Village Hall is planning an open day for 17th July, 10am to 2pm, exhibiting local crafts and interests.

John Nicholson

Ward Councillor for Northwood & Cowes South

See the I.W. Councillor’s section

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