Report from I.W. Councillor John Nicholson

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Ward Member for Northwood & Cowes South
Chairman of Policy & Scrutiny Committee for Adult Social Care & Health





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The Report appearing in the October 2021 edition of Northwood News:

Pedestrian/ Road Safety Concerns

The increase in staycations may boost the economy, but it also puts extra strain on our road network and especially increases risk to pedestrians on thoroughfares where no pavement exists. Fortunately, I have not heard of an accident where a pedestrian has been injured, but there have been reports of fear of increased danger that current traffic levels induce.

Pallance Road is the main route of concern in our area; a busy thoroughfare, made busier by diversions and visitors, and with no pavement below Wyatts Lane junction. We have been requesting a shadow pavement, and will continue to press for one, despite, ironically, the request being dismissed by Highways on safety grounds. We had similar refusals on successive requests for double yellow lines above Wyatts Lane junction, and eventually good sense prevailed, and safety was improved for all concerned.

The Parish has set up a working group to explore pedestrian safety issues, and if you wish to contribute please do so by emailing either myself, our clerk, or the lead Councillor in the working group, Steph Burgess –

Highways Drainage Issue Progress

The wet patch that spreads across Pallance Road, in the narrow section below the Travellers Joy is now scheduled to have a verge drainage channel installed. There was one there before the road was resurfaced, but it was only partially reinstated. The ground water that leaks onto the road has got worse and persists even during dry spells. Algae growing in the wet area outside the entrance to the properties it runs by causes a slip hazard, then is made worse in cold and icy weather as no road salt reaches the verge because of essential roadside parking in that area.

I am also waiting for a report from Highways on what will be done to address the ponding and flooding issues at the bottom of Pallance Lane, also long-outstanding.

Utility Contractor Caught Red-Handed

For those, like me, who are critical of the way that Utilities (Southern Water in particular) wantonly rip up our new roads, causing damage, poor standards of workmanship and seemingly careless consideration for the disruption and inconvenience all this causes to the population, you may be interested to learn that the very recent works in Rolls Hill, to properly repair a previous failed repair attempt to a reported leak, was carried out, including erecting traffic lights, illegally, without giving the required notice or getting permission. Not only that, they waited until the new surface was laid and, to top it all, the standard of workmanship is appalling. As I understand it, Southern Water are being properly brought to book on this, but the question is, how many other holes do they open up without notice or permission? If they do work without notice or permission, and it is not known about, it can’t be checked for quality, so how many other substandard reinstatements are being missed?

School Places Debacle

Northwood Parish has received a response from Cowes Enterprise College Chair of Governors that pretty much confirms and demonstrates the reality of concerns that we raised on behalf of residents over the dismissive way that they have been treated in the school places allocation round this year. Now we know, we will be proactive in efforts to try to ensure such injustice does not prevail again in future.

Cowes & Northwood Place Plan (

Red tape and arbitrary rules pertaining to the government Welcome Back grant funding have delayed the planned Cowes and Northwood Place Fayre and more time is needed to satisfy the criteria, so we are now planning for something in the spring, giving us more time to meet the criteria.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Cowes and I have been visiting Ryde and Newport & Carisbrooke Councils to see how they are developing their Place Plans and deriving benefits from them. Both Councils have been very helpful and our visits very informative. Both have somewhat different approaches that are attuned to their particular circumstances and environment, and we can relate certain aspects from each to our situation, which is very helpful as we seek to progress in this new venture.

John Nicholson

Ward Councillor for Northwood & Cowes South

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