Report from I.W. Councillor Roger Mazillius

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Council Budget 2013/14
I am pleased to confirm that for a third successive year the Council’s Cabinet has approved a budget which will not require any increase in Council Tax. This will now be debated by the whole Council on 27th February and would I am sure be then finally approved. I am also pleased to confirm that this budget provides for an additional £8m of expenditure for adult social care over the next three years, taking the total increase if the current year is included to over £10m. All of this is against the continuing reduction in local government funding from central government.
Parking congestion in Venner Avenue by Playpark Bend
I have been concerned at the density of parked vehicles in this area, including those parking on part of the pavements. Residents have recently contacted me about this and the potential danger for motorists navigating through this narrow part of the road. I am taking advice from a highways engineer to see if anything can be done to alleviate this problem. Resident’s views would as usual be most welcome.
Nuisance from Barking Dogs
Most residents will I am sure agree with me that dog owners who leave their dogs outside for hours at a time whilst they are at work or shopping and which result in these dogs barking sometimes continuously for long periods of time are being unreasonable to both the dogs and their neighbours.
During my delivering and collection of the recent Parish Plan survey, I saw and heard this nuisance barking at first hand and would urge all dog owners to please be considerate to their neighbours and not allow dogs natural barking to become a nuisance to neighbours. It is perhaps important to realise that excessive barking outside particularly suburban properties, where several nearby home owners will be affected, can be regarded as an actionable nuisance by environmental health departments.
Parish Plan Survey
Talking of this survey, I must thank the Parish Council led by Chairman John Pullen for the thoroughness of the process to gain residents opinions on future housing need and development in Northwood. I understand at least 50% have been returned completed which will enable the Parish Council to make a strongly supported case for any future housing developments in Northwood as the present Island Plan is further developed. I do indeed thank residents for their co-operation in this important survey.
Important Replacement Electricity Supply on A3020
I have been informed that Southern Electricity need to undertake a major renewal of the electricity supply along this road from Noke Common over eight weeks on Monday to Friday ending on 28th March or sooner if possible. The works will be between 9am and 4pm (outside of the rush hours). The nature of the works means that traffic will be controlled by “Stop – Go” boards although there may be a few occasions when temporary traffic lights will be needed. May I remind residents that statutory undertakers like the Electricity providers have a right to enter public highways for such works. The Council can only agree conditions that are aimed at limiting traffic disruption and for remedial works to the disturbed road surface. In this case the time has been scheduled to avoid Easter and to be completed before the commencement of the seven year road PFI programme.
Proposed Development of Readers Factory Site in Place Road
The highly regarded home retailers “The Range” are negotiating to build a store on this site with appropriate parking and highway access. At the time of writing this report, I have been notified of an informal exhibition about these proposals at The I.W. Community Club on 21st February. I will attend this and report back next month. That this high quality national chain is hoping to move into our near neighbourhood following in the footsteps of the new Aldi Store will not only bring new local jobs but give us easy access to such excellent new retailers!
Cowes Library
A successful National Library Day was held earlier this month and I should remind residents that our local library not only supplies books and dvds but also has computers available for public use and for which help in use can also be available. There is an interesting ” shhh…it’s a library music event” on Thursday 28th February between 6 and 8pm.
By the time you read this I expect to have delivered my separate farewell letter to residents and introduced my friend John Nicholson of Pallance Lane who I have asked to take my place on the ballot paper on 2nd May. I have worked with John over several years on various local issues and know he is keenly interested in such matters. Living locally with his family, John will I am sure be making himself more personally known to residents over the next two months. In the meantime I continue to represent residents on Council and local matters and will certainly find it a wrench when my last term of office comes to an end!
Asphalt Plant
At the time of writing I am waiting for the Officer’s report on the Mobile Crusher licence application which is being heard on 25th February. I am well aware of residents’ concerns about the operation of this unit and will report back fully next month after the hearing. The application for the full operation of a new asphalt plant on this site continues to be subject to further detailed planning investigations which are now I expect nearing a conclusion.
Cowes Enterprise College
The investigation into the quality of the workmanship in the new building is being led by the Council and their technical experts. I am very hopeful of being able to give an informative report on this next month. In the meantime, the serious issues raised in the recent Ofsted Report are being rigorously addressed by the Acting Head Teacher and his senior leadership colleagues with the full support of the Governors and Trustees. In the meantime it is right to praise those pupils who were successful in last years GCSE exams and the teachers concerned. Everyone concerned knows that these results must however improve and there I have no doubt that the College management and staff are completely aware of their continuing responsibility to deliver improved results. I am always available to any parent who wishes to discuss these matters on a personal and confidential basis. Just email me in the first instance at .
Best wishes



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