Report from I.W. Councillor Roger Mazillius

Posted by Admin on 22 March 2009, 12:00 am

Tel: 01983 295556


I hope most residents saw the article in the recent County Press by gardening journalist Richard Wright celebrating the opening of the allotments organised by Northwood Parish Council.
You may remember that local residents asked if the Parish Council could find an allotment site and it has given us all a great deal of pleasure in being able to do so. In this regard, we are very grateful to the owner of New House Farm for allowing us to use her land. Despite the presence of the usual “Northwood Stones”, we are confident of producing a good crop during this first trial year! Indeed we hope this will result in extra entries for this year’s Northwood Village Show!
At present with two wet plots mothballed, 16 of the remaining 18 plots are let and being worked. The other two are “under offer”. Residents who would like to be considered for any future plot availability should contact Parish Clerk Barbara Herbert.
In due course, we hope allotment holders will form an Association to assist in the good management of the site and to foster a spirit of camaraderie amongst members (including myself!).
In the meantime we have found a good use for surplus stones, as suggested by Harry of Nodes Road – fill in some of the farm pot-holes on the way to collecting our supply of horse manure kindly bequeathed by the farm owner!

Just a reminder that the 64th Village Show – sponsored by Northwood Garage – will be held at the W.I. Hall on Saturday August 15th at 2pm.
The Show programme with entry form is available from Show Secretary Ron Willis of 3 Uplands Road – Tel: 01983 200452. Classes include not just the usual flowers (incl. flower arranging) and fruit and vegetables, but Cookery and Preserves and Handicrafts (incl. painting, photography etc). There is also a Children’s section.
With a most reasonable entry fee of 25p and prize money and various prestigious trophies for class winners or placings, you have no excuse not to support this excellent show!

Apologies for the delay in building the two new gardens. This has been caused by the severe winter frosts penetrating much of the potted Ventnor Botanical Gardens stock which was to be supplied to us.
New stock is on the way and we now expect to complete the work by the end of this month. Anyone who would like to assist in this work only has to give me a ring – 01983 295556!

Survey taken between 13th and 20th February:
SOUTHBOUND  63,812 vehicles recorded of which 85% averaged 24mph
NORTHBOUND  64,212 vehicles recorded of which 85% averaged 26mph

Based on this information, Highways confirm it would not be possible to justify the expense of a speed-reactive sign at this site.
However, residents will recall that the police are aware that there is some speeding on this road and I have asked that despite these recorded speeds, regular police monitoring continues.

VENNER AVENUE – the straight stretch by the Play-Park up to the bend.
Monitoring devices were installed on two lamp-posts at each end of this stretch and showed an 85% average speed of from 19mph to 27mph.
This latter speed has justified in this particular road setting near a children’s play park, the installation of a temporary speed indicator sign.
Residents’ cooperation in driving safely and well within the speed limit in this area will be particularly welcomed by all local residents.
It would be appreciated if residents could note the registration number of any vehicle obviously speeding in this built up area and pass on to either myself or John Pullen our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator or of course the police directly.

To support the installation of a pedestrian crossing to serve this Newport-bound bus stop, the Council conducted a visual survey of users on 13th January (Newport Market Day).
I have to inform residents that during eight hours of surveying between 7am and 6pm only 12 pedestrians used the stop either by getting on or off a bus.
Accordingly, I am very sorry to have to inform residents that I am advised that this amount of use would not justify the installation of a crossing. Unless residents can show this bus stop is in fact much more popular than this survey shows, a crossing will not be installed.
Please let me know if there are any further representations you wish to make in support of a crossing.

As a community we are entitled to apply for offenders given Community Service Orders to carry out certain works to benefit local communities. The main proviso is that the works must be carried out on public land and clearly benefit a local community rather than a private individual.
This can range from litter picking and general tidying up, to ditch clearing (if not too deep) and one of my favourites, quartering back growth over footpaths and pavements. There are several likely sites in Northwood but before I collate a list for consideration by the Parish Council and the Probation Service, do residents have any suggestions of their own?

May I thank residents for their understanding about the number of potholes appearing in our roads following the severe frosts and heavy rain. May I encourage everyone to report any new potholes either to me on 01983 295556 or direct to County Hall on 01983 82100.
Our main road to Newport has been also affected by the weather and will be much repaired and re-surfaced this spring/early summer.
On the secondary roads, Highways are filling potholes as quickly as possible. Your help in reporting new ones would be really helpful to me personally and to your fellow road users in particular.
Residents will have noticed the several local road works in recent weeks due to electricity and gas supplies being laid or repaired all of which are usually advertised in the County Press the week before works are due to start.

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