Report from I.W. Councillor Roger Mazillius

Posted by Admin on 22 March 2010, 12:00 am

Tel: 01983 295556


There are currently vacancies for two new Governors. Being a Governor of our highly regarded local Primary School is a most interesting and rewarding vocation involving  the life of the school with similarly committed people.

You could be a parent, grandparent, local business person or anyone with an interest in education and Northwood Primary in particular.

I would be pleased to speak with anyone interested on 01983 295556 or please visit the school or phone 01983 293392. If you know other Governors, why not have a chat with them.

I am pleased to confirm the appointment of a new Headteacher Sarah Hussey who starts full time on 1st September. Sarah is currently Deputy Head at the highly regarded Nine Acres Primary School, Newport and will lead the school through the expansion into a full 4-11 age range primary school, starting with year five remaining in school this September and in turn remaining as year six in September 2011.

Already the Council’s Property Services staff have assessed the additional accommodation this last year will require and the necessary building extension is being planned in conjunction with the school.

In the meantime Acting Head Gill Miles continues to lead the school through the transition as effectively as she has done for the past three years. Gill will remain at the school as a senior teacher after Sarah commences in September and I know I speak for all staff, Governors, pupils and parents in thanking Gill for her long and committed service to the school.

This is an interesting and innovative project led by Dave Bryant of Northwood Primary. The new choir meets at the school each Tuesday at 3.15pm (immediately after the end of the school day).

Dave insists you do not have to be a top class singer, or indeed to have had any experience of singing either in public or even in the bath!

All ages are catered for, so it will be a real community choir singing tunes anyone can master.

So how about giving it a try. I expect by the time you are reading this, I will have dipped my voice into the musical waters. Will I see you there?

The new Cowes Pathfinder Centre for Learning, for which £30m+ funding has been confirmed is now on the way to being built to replace the old High School from 2012/13.

This will deliver an Island-leading High School education for 14-19 year olds with an innovative mix of vocational and exam-based learning fit for the 21st century. Today’s Northwood Primary pupils will be able to take full advantage of these new high tech facilities for their future learning pathway.

The phone scams show no sign of abating. I have had a new one reported by a Cranleigh Gardens resident last week. The caller says he is calling from H.M. Customs and Excise and requires certain information from you such as name, age, occupation, who else lives in the house, etc.

Please remember no such organisation is going to cold-call you asking for this type of information. The golden rule when listening to a call like this is to immediately say “Thank you for calling. You must write to me if you require any information. Goodbye” or words to that effect and immediately put the phone down. Do not allow the caller to try and justify the call.

And of course, never give out any personal details, particularly financial ones.

Finally, there are still a large number of “too good to be true” offers coming through the post and emails telling you that you have “won” a huge sum of money or offering you a share in some (usually African) fortune if you will only send your personal details etc. etc. If it looks too good, it is too good.

Apart from this rubbish, spring is at last on the way, so enjoy the new blossom and daffodils and have a lovely time!

Our local website has some interesting debate on the Village Forum part of the site.

One such thread is whether the village should have its own Community Centre. This was a much-discussed thread last year and has been resurrected recently.

Such a project can be the subject of strong views with some for and some, including myself, being sceptical because of the widespread use of what is in effect our existing Community Centre namely, the W.I. Hall, and the enormous cost of such a project.

You are most welcome to log on and take part in this discussion. All views are welcome. I have had my say and would hope that at least some of our present and would-be Parish Councillors will also make contributions.

As I never tire of saying, it is your village and your lives so tell us what you think!

The village website also has postings expressing concern at horses being ridden along this quite narrow footpath.

I have had confirmation from our Rights of Way Department that this activity is forbidden on what is a pedestrian-only footpath.

So may I appeal to horse riders not to continue riding horses down this footpath. There are quite strong financial penalties if you are caught and the Council are now on notice about this.


As usual, I am always available to deal with residents’ queries by phone, letter or email using my details at the heading to this report.

Best wishes


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