Report from I.W. Councillor Roger Mazillius

Posted by Admin on 19 March 2011, 12:00 am

Tel: 01983 295556



I anticipate at the March I.W. Council meeting submitting with Cllr Paul Fuller the two Petitions to keep these services. We are particularly grateful to Jacquie Pearce for her work in obtaining 122 signatures for the Petition relating to the No. 32 service.

As I reported last month, Southern Vectis are offering to provide a replacement service for these local routes provided sufficient local voluntary drivers will come forward to be fully trained free of charge. This programme is being organised by our Parish Transport Working Party chaired by Cllr John Pullen who will be reporting further on this in his Parish Council report. The extremely good news is however that already 24 volunteers have come forward for the Public Vehicle Licence training. It is I am sure still not too late for anyone else to volunteer; sex and age is basically not a barrier! Active pensioners might well consider a new career!

Also the new service will be registered so the Concessionary Fares Scheme will apply.


The library will now be open for a minimum of 24+ hours per week from 1st April, full details of the opening hours should  be published around the time you read this Northwood News. It will continue to be run and fully funded by the I.W. Council. However, Cowes Town Council are still actively considering playing a role in developing the hours of opening and the way the library responds to the demands of our local community. The Town Council are asking for anyone who would wish to volunteer to help with any improvements to this local service to contact the Assistant Town Clerk Jane Randall at

I expect to be able to report more fully on this in the May Northwood News.


There have been considerable problems with muddy conditions along Church Lane caused by the wet winter weather and vehicular use, mainly by Southern Water carrying out repairs to the pumping station near the junction with Coronation Avenue.

I have received complaints that some motorists have used part of Church Lane to access Newport Road via Coronation Avenue adding to the messy conditions. I must remind residents that Church Lane is a registered footpath and must not be used by motor vehicles except for those few residents who have properties at either end of the lane, plus Southern Water for repairs to the pumping station.

I have arranged for gravel to be laid in the worst parts of the lane to assist accessibility and will ask for more should the persistent wet weather return.

In the meantime I am still waiting for the chain across the lower end of Coronation Avenue to be re-affixed.


Following requests I have arranged for this lane, with its propensity to accumulate fallen leaves each winter, with consequent poor road conditions for both walkers and motorists, to be completely mechanically swept and I have asked that these winter problems are dealt with regularly each year.


Just a reminder of this Christian Aid event at the W.I. Hall on Friday 25th March from noon to 2pm. This is part of a nationwide charity event to raise funds to help end world poverty. The cost is £2 or whatever donation you can make and I understand the soup will be home-made and the rolls freshly crusty! If you read this after the event has taken place, Jill will be pleased to accept your donations at 21 Oxford Street. Thank you.


The I.W. Council is proposing to improve the Island’s recycling rates and is now consulting upon the relevant proposals. Briefly, they involve continuing with the present weekly and fortnightly collecting arrangements but refining these by collecting food waste and other organic waste e.g. vegetable peelings etc. weekly as at present but expanding the fortnightly collections by including recyclable items such as tins and plastic bottles along with the usual newspapers, magazines and cardboard. To accommodate these extra recyclables, a new improved collection bin will be supplied.

The importance of increasing the Island’s recycling rates is reflected in the financial penalties imposed if we fail to increase these rates. For example, for 2011/12 we expect a landfill tax if we carry on as we are of around £320,000. This would double to over £600,000 the following year and would climb to over £1m unless we put less waste into landfill and more into recycling.

I am sure residents will understand these pressures and will help with these new proposals to reduce any additional increase in the rate of council tax.


The planning application for the new classroom block for year six has been advertised. The siting will affect part of the playgroup summer play area and ongoing discussions are underway between playgroup representatives and the School to reach an agreement on the way forward. I have been asked to assist in this regard and have in turn briefed the Leader of the Council who is also the responsible Cabinet member for School Reorganisation, to ensure that the Council plays a full part in delivering appropriate accommodation for the start of the new school year in September.

Concerns about traffic management principally in Wyatts Lane have been raised by parents and I am particularly grateful to Dave Miller for his expert input into identifying areas which will need addressing by a specific transport plan. These matters are now being fully considered by Highways but if any local resident wishes to comment on possible traffic/parking problems arising from the larger pupil roll at the school from September, please do not hesitate to contact me as per my usual contact details or Highways direct.


This was dug up and removed recently from the front garden of a bungalow in Oxford Street (not mine). If anyone saw this happening or has any suspicions about this theft, please do not hesitate to contact me or the police who have been informed. This follows the theft also from Oxford Street of a prized potted shrub from a nearby front garden last year.


As usual I am available to deal with any residents’ questions or suggestions by telephone, email, letter or personal by-appointment visit, details of which are printed above – you only have to ask!

Best wishes


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