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Asphalt Plant
Whilst this contentious application continues to draw widespread objections, the Case Officer has recently outlined quite detailed concerns which in my view make it clear that if the matters raised are not dealt with, the application will not be recommended for approval. There may be further news on this by the time you are reading this edition of Northwood News. In any event, I report in more detail next month.

Sewer Renewal A3020 Somerton to Medical Centre

Despite the wet weather, work has progressed very well with 69 metres in length completed after the first two weeks excavated to a depth varying between 1metre and 2.5 metres with new manhole chambers and all backfilled appropriately. This is a difficult engineering operation which I am advised is proceeding in a skilled and professional manner. If progress continues as before, these works could be completed ahead of schedule.
In the meantime, residents understanding of the need for these works and the inconvenience they undoubtedly cause is much appreciated. It should be stressed that the road from Northwood Garage through to the Somerton roundabout and Park and Ride and all local business on route are fully open as usual.

Asphalt Plant – Medina Wharf

This planning application was re-advertised on 31st August with 21 days to make further comments. Again I am confident that residents who have concerns about several aspects of this complex application will make those known or indeed will repeat the concerns they have already expressed. I hope the Case Officer’s report will be available during October. It will be published as a public document and I will be pleased to meet with residents at County Hall before the Committee meets (or earlier if required) to discuss my view of any recommendations contained in the report.

Highway Resurfacing

This work commenced earlier this month with the eight priority roads being treated in the following order:

1. Bowcombe Road Shorwell.

2. Brading Downs Road Brading

3. Sandown Road Bembridge
4. Briddlesford Road Newport

5. Newport Road Hale Common

6. A3056 Sandown Road, Newport (Bardon Vectis to Merstone Lane)

7. Cowes Road / Newport Road from Horsebridge Hill to Northwood

8. Quarr Hill

Estimated start dates for each location will be detailed on the road works list on These roads will be re-textured to remove the excess binder and restore the skidding resistance. Any areas where the surfacing has stripped off or where the surface quality has been significantly compromised will be marked up for a deeper repair which will be undertaken shortly after the re-texturing process.

A series of Frequently Asked Questions has been provided to the contact centre on 01983 821000 to help with public inquiries during the completion of this work.

Background: The surface dressing programme was completed in April 2012 with the exception of 3 sites where work was postponed by wet weather. In May and July 2012 in two periods of hot weather, the material used to bind the dressing became unstable. This problem was intensified on roads with high traffic flows and heavy vehicles where the movement of vehicles over the sticky surface stripped patches of the dressing leaving a shallow pothole effect affecting ride quality.

Remediation programme: The sites will be remediated using a hydro blasting technique which uses high pressure water to remove the binder from the road surface thereby exposing the stone and restoring the skidding resistance. The commencement date for this re-texturing programme is being finalised but will begin in October with specific details posted on the weekly road works list and council website. The process is clean and fast causing minimal disruption to road users and residents. An example of hydro blasting in action can be viewed at this website although this may not be the exact piece of equipment used: .
In addition areas with poor ride quality or potholes caused by the surface dressing having been stripped off will be addressed with a concurrent planning and patching programme.
The remediation work is being funded entirely by the surface dressing contractor, Kiely Brothers Ltd. Highways officers continue to work closely with them to prioritise the roads for treatment and ensure the network operates as well as possible while this work is completed although the process is a mobile one and not particularly disruptive. Roads will not need to be closed whilst this work is undertaken. Once the binder has been removed we will be able to see if there has been any underlying damage to the road surface and determine if any further work is required although that is not my expectation. The initial eight sites should be re-textured within a month
The effectiveness of the process will be reviewed during that period and further sections scheduled for treatment should that be found necessary.
I hope to report next month that our main road has been successfully restored.

Southern Water new Main Sewer Replacement

The rising main sewer which crosses the River Medina by the floating bridge is due for renewal in November with preparatory work commencing in late October with a completion date in March 2013. Whilst the floating bridge will continue in operation, there may be a little inconvenience by the slipway on the Cowes side due to the necessary engineering works.

Friends of Cowes Library

The Friends AGM is being held at the Library on Monday 12th November at 6.30pm. All welcome.

Best wishes



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