Report from I.W. Councillor Roger Mazillius

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Important Changes to Waste Collection Arrangements
Residents will have recently received the I.W. Council’s leaflet about the changes due to start on 30th January 2012. The leaflet contained a tear off slip for those who would not find a wheelie bin suitable with a request that the slip be returned by 19th September. Residents who have not yet returned the slip and who feel they would qualify for exemption e.g. due to living in a flat or physical infirmity can still apply using the slip but I do urge them to do so without delay.
I would also draw residents’ attention to the helpful check list on the back page of the leaflet showing weekly collection of food waste, fortnightly collection of recyclable waste which includes, glass, newspapers, cardboard, tins, plastics etc. Garden waste in prepaid bags can be collected weekly.
Whilst the cost of wheelie bins has been split between the Council and the waste contractor, this cost is far offset by the savings on landfill tax which would be payable if we did not substantially improve our recycling rates. Please ring (01983) 823777 the Council’s dedicated telephone number for these new arrangements or go on In addition I am always available via my usual contact details.

Cowes Library
I recently attended a meeting of supporters and potential volunteers at the library where we enjoyed presentations from local librarians and the Head of the Librarian Service. The meeting was well attended by members of the public and saw a number sign up to the existing group supporting the library. Over the next few months a programme of what I think will be exciting and innovative additions to our local library service, including probably next year some longer opening hours, will be published.
Residents who wish to know more can contact Cowes Town Council Assistant Town Clerk Jane Randall; at or pop into the library.

Community Bus Service
This replacement for Wightbus is now up and running and after some initial operating problems, mainly concerning the early part of the timetable which Southern Vectis has in the main resolved, has been well used by residents. After a holiday and waiting my turn, I am now resuming my driver training. Further news next month.
Island Plan Core Strategy
The Public Enquiry starts on 18th October at the old Downside Middle School site, Furrlongs, Pan, Newport from 10.30am with the Council’s projections for local housing need being the first part of the strategy under examination. Members of the public are of course most welcome to attend.
Whilst any specific sites will not be under discussion, the extent of housing need identified and in which overall areas will be scrutinised. As Cowes and Northwood are within the Medina Valley area with its identified need of nearly 2000 new homes over those for which planning permission is already granted, I will be attending both as an I.W. and Cowes Town Councillor.
I will report back next month although I would not expect the formal report of the public enquiry to be available until late this or early next year.

I must thank residents for the excellent and prompt response to my request last month to cut back front hedges which protruded over the pavement. One of the main concerns in this regard was the strong growth of brambles and blackberry branches in particular which can cause hurt to unprotected skin, particularly to the young and visually impaired.  I would be most grateful if residents with this type of front hedge could check summer and autumn growth in future years to avoid any repetition of this problem.

Cowes and Northwood Community Policing
I am pleased to report PC Sarah Aldergrove has joined our local policing team, replacing Mark Thomas who has transferred to a specialist operations unit at Newport, and who with PCSO Steve Oatley will be our local eyes and ears.
Residents will be interested to know that our Chief Constable has recently undertaken to protect the number of officers providing local policing services undertaking response policing, neighbourhood policing and local crime investigating on a monthly basis throughout 2011/12.
He has also confirmed that the distribution of local officers based on Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary’s accepted definition of “frontline” policing is above the national average.
Further he reports that the current Hampshire and I. W. Force Change Programme will result in increased percentages of officers in visible and specialist roles.

Finally may I remind residents that we live in a very low crime rate area which is policed accordingly. In the main, as shown by the recent conviction of an Islandwide serial burglar, the police are aware of the identity of most of those responsible for local crimewaves – e.g. the recent series of thefts from motor vehicles in Cowes. This active policing using modern mobile communication systems will ensure our area remains as a low category crime area.

Best wishes to all


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