Report from I.W. Councillor Roger Mazillius

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Island Plan
An Independent Inspector has now been appointed to undertake the Core Strategy Examination. Time tabling and venue information relating to the Examination hearings will be available on the I.W. Council’s website, A public pre-hearing meeting to discuss procedural matters, including the right to speak at the Examination hearings, will be held at 11am on Thursday 25th August at The Quay Arts Centre, Sea Street, Newport. This was advertised in a recent County Press.
Further information is available by email from or by telephoning (01983)823552 or by writing to Planning Policy, Seaclose Offices, Fairlee Road, Newport, PO30 2QS. Specific queries regarding the Examination process should be directed to or by post to Mrs Sue Thompson at the Seaclose address.
Community Bus Service
Unfortunately there has been a high drop out rate from the original list of several dozen volunteers. This has been caused by several reasons including not passing the initial interview, failing the important medical test (paid for by Southern Vectis), a change of mind etc. So we do need more volunteers for this challenging but extremely worthwhile experience. Full and free training is given by Southern Vectis leading to the issue by the Dept. of Transport of a full Licence to drive Public Service Vehicles. Please let me or any of my Parish Council colleagues know if this is of interest and keep a lookout for an imminent advert in the County Press.
I am pleased to report that I am still in the training programme and have passed the first three obligatory “knowledge and perception” tests and am now under driver tuition on a 40′ coach! My next step will be to progress as a trainee driver to the point when I am considered experienced enough to take the stringent driving test. It may be that I do not actually get to that level but I can assure you that it will not be for want of trying!
I will report further next month although it is just about possible that you may see me behind the wheel before then!
“Electricity” Panels on Roofs
Mainly I suspect due to the advantageous financial schemes available for these roof panels, they are now being installed in large numbers across the Island and Northwood is no exception. I would however just mention a matter that has been brought to my attention relating to the legal small print. I am told that the installers of the panels gain legal rights to protect their investment over a period of years which can result in homeowners being liable to repay the cost in the event that they sell the property at least unless the new owners agree to continue to host the roof panels as per the original contract.
Residents who may be unaware of these legalities may wish to check their contract and those considering such installations should clarify any such future issues with the installer.
Civil Disorder
Like me I know residents will have been truly shocked by the appalling incidents occurring in London and other major cities earlier in August. As the I.W. Council Cabinet member dealing with Community Safety, I have been fully briefed by Council Officers and the Police on local policing response planning in the unlikely event that similar incidents will occur on the Island.
Whilst low level anti-social behaviour does unfortunately occur on the Island and there have been what could well be a very few copycat incidents of burglary (in Ryde) and a serious violent assault (Cowes), I am satisfied that sufficient police resources will be available to counter any organised enhanced incidents occurring here. We are of course fortunate that in Northwood and elsewhere on the Island, we are isolated from the large urban areas in our major cities where social norms and conditions lead to a lowering of respect for the law and the local neighbourhood.
However as evidence shows that much of this behaviour is caused by young people, many of school age, may I urge parents to be aware of their children’s whereabouts at night and with whom they are associating.
Cowes Week
Another marvellous week has come and gone culminating with a fantastic fireworks display which I am sure were enjoyed by many Northwood residents. The continued expansion of the Cowes Week activities and the increased presence of “star” celebrities helps publicise the Island as a tourist destination bringing much needed economic benefits to our local shops and business helping to keep them viable during the off-season months.
Northwood Primary School
The new double mobile classroom is now in place waiting for the year six pupils at the start of the new school year. This will mean that the school is now fully set up to take pupils from the ages of 4 to 11 with all the advantages that this consistency of place and familiarity will bring.
Overgrown Hedges
May I remind residents that at this time of year, several pavement side hedges are now intruding onto the pavement. This is particularly hazardous for pedestrians when the growth includes blackberry branches! Please cut hedges back appropriately to avoid possibly scratching a passerby and a formal “cut back” notice from Highways!

Finally, may I wish all residents a warm and happy remainder of the summer.
Best wishes to all

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