Have your say in Landfill alternative

Posted by Admin on 4 September 2009, 12:00 am

The Public is being asked to have its say in identifying new waste disposal and treatment sites.

A number of possible alternative sites are being investigated to see whether they are suitable either as a built treatment facility or to come into use when Lynnbottom reaches capacity around 2015.

The Isle of Wight Council is currently in the early formal stages of finding new sites and the views of the public and of other interested groups and organisations are being sought as part of that process.

As a starting point, the council has studied a number of possible landfill sites – whittled down from an original list of over 150 – and put forward what it feels are the six with the most potential.

While it must be remembered that these are not final options – the final list will only be known after the consultation – the six are: Duxmore Quarry, West Standen Farm, Limerstone Down, Cheverton Down Chalkpit, Standen Heath/Lynnbottom and Lynn Plantation. The consultation will seek evidence on the suitability of these sites as potential candidates or also look at evidence supporting the use of other sites not short-listed.

Eleven possible sites for built facilities have been proposed. They are: Parkhurst Forest Works, Nicholson Road, Oakfield, Stag Lane Depot, Whippingham Road, land adjacent East Cowes Power Station, Pan Lane, Standen Heath, Fairlee Sewage Works, Lynnbottom, Lynn Plantation and North Fairlee Farm.

At this stage, before a firmer list of potential sites is drawn up, the consultation is seeking comments on three main issues. These are whether the criteria used for initial assessment were appropriate, were there any sites that should not have been discounted from consideration and if so why, and whether the council has considered all reasonable alternatives for potential sites.

Cllr George Brown, IW Council cabinet member with responsibility for planning said; "Identifying the right areas for these sites is going to be a big decision and we want to have all the necessary evidence in front of us. This is why we are particularly keen to engage the public right from the start of the process."

The consultation lasts until September 29th. Comments can be submitted in writing to the council or submitted on inline http://iow-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal/planning/waste_consultation .

For more information, visit http://www.iwight.com/living_here/planning/Planning_Policy/Island_Plan/

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