Northwood Community Partnership – November 2006

Posted by Admin on 21 November 2006, 12:00 am


CHAIRMAN: Colin Palmerton, 40 Greenways, Northwood. Tel: 01983 282242

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Ron Willis, 3 Uplands Road, Northwood. Tel: 01983 200452

SECRETARY: Eileen Palmerton, 40 Greenways, Northwood. Tel: 01983 282242

We were very pleased to welcome Julie Woodhouse and Susan Hughes, from the Isle of Wight Council Trading Standards, to the Partnership Meeting held on 23rd October. They gave a very interesting talk on how to set up a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’. This scheme should prevent any repetition of ‘rogue traders’ tricking people into spending money for shoddy work that maybe isn’t even needed. It also deters those attempting more serious crime.

Usually, zones are set up to cover just a few streets. However, the Partnership agreed that we would all prefer the whole of Northwood to be one Scheme. Although we have a very low rate of crime within the village, this Scheme is of great value in keeping it that way as it has the weight of Law behind it. Trading Standards will shortly be contacting every household to explain the details.

Councillor Roger Mazillius offered to find sponsors for some of the required signs and currently has gained sponsors for 7 signs denoting that our village is a ‘No Cold Calling’ zone. Each sign costs £20 so if there are offers to sponsor a sign please contact any member of the Partnership.

There is also sponsorship available from British Telecom. The balance of the set-up costs will be met from Partnership funds. Paddy Jardine and Norman Thearle requested that half of the old Residents’ Association funds were used towards the costs. This was agreed. The Scheme will, hopefully, become active early next year.

This Scheme does not, and is not intended to, affect leaflet dropping or those reputable major companies that sell direct to customers via brochures delivered to homes.

We were also advised that Age Concern run a service to fix door chains for our elderly residents.

It is a great shame that vandals destroyed part of the Northwood sign at the corner of Cranleigh Gardens. However, with the skills of ‘Gnomes’ Ron Willis and George Pimm, the sign is currently being redesigned and will be replaced.

As has been said before, this is our village. If someone sees or knows the people responsible for these acts – REPORT IT! We all know our rights but we also have responsibilities. We are not just a collection of buildings, we are a community!

The Parish Plan is progressing. A sneak preview reveals that ‘don’t like’ is mostly ‘speeding’ and the ‘like’ is ‘our environment’.
With a few more offers of help from a few more residents, the ‘don’t likes’ will decrease and the ‘likes’ will increase.

On behalf of everyone on your Community Partnership, have a very enjoyable Christmas and an extremely prosperous New Year.

Colin Palmerton

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