Northwood Village Management Committee

Posted by Admin on 6 July 2006, 12:00 am

These minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Northwood Village Management Committee

Those in attendance: Peter Brooker (PB), Colin Cramp (CC), Paul Fuller (Chairman) (PF), David Miller (DM), John Pullen (JP).

Anne Jonas (Acting Secretary)

1. Apologies – Eileen and Colin Palmerton, Ron Willis.

2. Appointment of Secretary – See under Any Other Business – item 20/1

3. Declaration of Interest – None were made.

4. Public Question Time – No questions were received.

5. Minutes of the meeting of Northwood Village Management Committee held on 6th June were agreed and signed. Proposed by PB and seconded by DM.

6. Matters Arising –

6a – Standing Orders – PB reported that these exist in many forms and range from 3 to 30 pages. Rusty Adams advise is to adopt a Standing Order with Financial Regulations, he is quite willing to cast his eye over them when completed. He also sited Gurnard Parish Council’s Standing Orders as a guide. PF to ask Rusty for a copy of these.

7. Police Report – No member of the constabulary was in attendance and no report was submitted. JP feels that when P.C Mark Thomas is away Northwood should have Police cover by another officer and also that Northwood should have it’s own identity and not be linked with Gurnard.

8. Correspondence – Mrs M Chick asked whether the Management Committee would be willing to pay for a water butt at Northwood WI hall for use by the Community Partnership. This will be passed on to the Partnership as it was felt that money is not available from the Management Committee’s funds.

9. Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 27th June were circulated.

10. Planning Applications – 6 Woodside Close – After a site visit, several concerns were raised. Density, Roof line and design. A letter of objection will be sent by PF outlining these concerns. Proposed by CC and seconded by DM.

11. Councillor’s Report – No report was received.

12. Northwood Community Partnership – PF moved that they become a sub-committee of the Management Committee for 1 year. A resolution was passed to this effect. Proposed by JP and Seconded by PB.

13. Co-options of members – PB proposed that 1 representative be invited from the Community Partnership to be co-opted onto the Management Committee. Seconded by PF.

14. Internal Communications – PF would like to try the system adopted by Gurnard, in that all correspondence received is put into a box file and this is then distributed around the committee. After some discussion all agreed to try this system.

15. External Communications – It was agreed that the profile of the Management Committee and its aims should be raised. Colin Palmerton suggested that space is shared in Northwood News with the Partnership. A handout given to all householders in Northwood would have a better impact. PB will put something together publicising its existence, and would report back to the August meeting of the Management Committee.

16. Island Plan Update – DM reported that a 4-page introduction document – Submission Strategy Plan – had a few worrying items in it. See attached report. PB proposed that following the discussions at this committee meeting DM be given delegated responsibility to write to the IOW Council with the issues that are relevant to Northwood. Seconded by JP. Agreed. See report at end of this document.

17. Parish Plan Report – A meeting was held on the 27th June to co-ordinate topic leads. Further communication will be circulated prior to the next meeting on the 18th July. There have not been any requests for cameras but several issues were raised at Northwood School’s Eco Day. PF has compiled information packs for distribution.

18. Authorisation of Payments – The following payments were agreed.

£180 for hire of Northwood School Hall (06.06.06 – 01.04.07)

£ 45 for hire of Northwood WI Hall (3 meetings – 25.04.06,

01.08.06 and 22.08.06)

£25.50 Secretary’s payment (3 hours @ £8.50p per hour)

£18.00 for Photocopying, Computer ink etc.

Total cost £268.50p. PF will contact Sue Chilton for this payment.

19. Minutes of Northwood Community Partnership – These had not been circulated and therefore were not discussed.

20. Any Other Business –

Item 1 – PB reported that 3 applications had been received for the post of Secretary. All have been interviewed by three members of the Management Committee. PF will be offering the post to one candidate whose identity will not be revealed until a reply has been received from the person concerned. The new Secretary will be at the meeting on the 18th July.

Item 2 – Dog Bins – Although the Community Partnership has already paid for the emptying of these for the coming year, it was felt by the Management Committee that this was their responsibility and that VAT would not be incurred. After some discussions PF will contact the IOW Council and see whether a rebate can be made. The budget must be reviewed to take this payment into consideration.

Item 3 – Public Liability Cover for both the Management Committee and Community Partnership must be put into operation as soon as possible. PF to contact Sue Chilton.

21. Dates of next meetings are:

Planning Committee – 7.30pm Tuesday 18th July 2006 at Northwood School and 7.30pm, Tuesday 22nd August 2006, Northwood WI Hall. Full Committee – 7pm Wednesday 1st August 2006 at Northwood WI Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.03pm.

5th July 2006, Anne Jonas, Acting Secretary for Northwood Village Management Committee.

In support of Agenda item 16 (Island Plan Update), the following text will be offered as a report to the Committee.

The Island Plan Submission Core Strategy is a central document of a suite of documents that will form the Island Plan (The Local Development Framework, LDF, to supersede the current Unitary Development Plan, UDP).

The 'submission' copy produced in May 2006 is for Government examination next year, with adoption scheduled for August 2007.

The document appears well laid-out and structured, and is only 50 pages long, of which 4 pages form a useful introduction.


The document does not assign any land usage, but offers the objectives and strategies for other documents in the suite to do so.

There are no references to the Northwood area explicitly, and both Northwood and Gurnard are included in the Cowes envelope depicted on page 19. It is noted that this topological map has a purple shaded area to the south of Cowes (outside the UDP development boundary), as far as Coronation Avenue, with no apparent explanation beyond the legend 'MAJOR SETTLEMENTS & GROWTH AREAS'. The Lime shaded 'ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGNATIONS' also omit SINC areas around Northwood & Cowes.

The focus of Island regeneration and development shifts from the Medina Valley (Cowes, East Cowes & Newport) completing in the period 2006-2010, to Ryde and the Bay Area in the period 2011-2015.

Although every sentence and bullet point could be analysed, and reference made to higher level documents, three extracts are offered below for illustration.

Page 24 Housing: 3.15 Land is a scarce resource for the Isle of Wight. It is being placed under pressure by increasing demands for new development. In order to optimise the use of available sites and reduce pressure on greenfield land, the Government has prioritised the use of brownfield land (land that has been in development in the past) and established minimum density targets of 30 to 50 dwellings per hectare in PPG3. More recent guidance in PPS3 (consultation draft) identifies a broader range of appropriate densities, dependent upon the location of a particular site, extending up to 70 dwellings per hectare in central urban locations. The Core Strategy accords with the emerging PPS3 guidance.

Page 29 Transport: 12. Apply vehicle and cycle parking standards that assist in reducing the overall reliance on the private car, taking account of local accessibility and the need to promote economic regeneration;

Page 35 Renewable Energy: 4. Ensuring that new developments contribute to the renewable energy targets by incorporating on-site renewable energy generation;

A Submission Stage Representation Form is required for each observation on the document and requires explanation of why the point was not raised previously, and identification of a 'Soundness Test' to justify your representation, in addition to the changes proposed.


Dave Miller

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