NVMC Meeting Minutes – 5th December

Posted by Admin on 11 December 2006, 12:00 am

 PRESENT: P Fuller (Chair), P Brooker, R Mazillius CC and D Miller.

IN ATTENDANCE: R H Blezzard (Secretary)

APOLOGIES: C Cramp, P Elford, C Palmerton, E Palmerton, J Pullen, P Jardine and PC M Thomas.


P Brooker declared a personal interest in Planning Application P/02699/06 – TCP/28087/B. P Fuller declared a personal interest in Planning Application P/02699/06 – TCP/00969/E (both under Minute 79).


No questions were raised by members of the public.


In the absence of the local Beat Officer no Police report was given.

RESOLVED: That the Police be asked to provide a written update when the local Beat Officer is unable to attend VMC meetings.


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 7 November 2006 be taken as read, confirmed and signed as being an accurate record of the proceedings.


Members considered a list of recent planning applications.

RESOLVED: That the VMC makes the observations set out in the Appendix which forms part of these minutes.

Members had before them a list of recent planning decisions made by the Isle of Wight Council.

RESOLVED: that the list of planning decisions be received and noted.

Members had before them details of a planning appeal against refusal of planning permission for the demolition of garage and store; extension to form end of terrace house (revised scheme) at 60 Nodes Road, Northwood. The VMC had objected to the application on the grounds of overdevelopment of the site, loss of amenity, and concern about vehicular access onto a busy road. The local planning authority refused the application for the following reasons: “The application site is in an area characterised by semi-detached dwellings occupying spacious plots with large gaps between the properties. The construction of an end terraced dwelling would result in a significant narrowing of the gap and would not be in keeping with the established character and appearance of the area. In consequence the proposal is contrary to Policies G4 (General Locational Criteria), D1 (Standards of Design) and H5 (Infill Development) of the Isle of Wight Unitary Development Plan.”

RESOLVED: That a letter be sent to the Planning Inspectorate re stating the VMC’s objections and supporting the local Planning Authority’s reasons for refusing the application.

Members had before them correspondence from Mr John Morris complaining that Planning Application P/02347/06 – TCP/17613B – Demolition of conservatory; single storey extension to incorporate replacement conservatory & additional living accommodation (revised scheme) at 50 Oxford Street, Northwood had been refused under delegated authority. The VMC had raised no objection to the application. Mr Mazillius advised the meeting that he had made representations on behalf of the applicant. The application was to be re submitted and this time be determined by the Development Control Committee.

RESOLVED: that a letter be sent to the Development Control Manager in support of the applicant and strongly in favour of the re submitted application being determined by the Development Control Committee.

Members had before them a plan of the recently executed works to construct a New pedestrian entrance at Northwood Primary School. Letters of apology from the Head of Engineering Services and the Team Leader – Traffic and Road Safety Team for not consulting the VMC prior to the works being executed were also before the meeting.

RESOLVED: That a letter be sent to the Head of Engineering Services expressing concern that the loss of green hedge appears greater than necessary to implement the scheme, asking for part of the hedge to be reinstated and asking why the works carried out appear to be not in accordance with the plan in respect of the visibility splay.

Members had before them details of an application by Mr R Mazillius CC to register land at the Football Field, Pallance Road, Northwood as Village Green under the Commons Registration Act 1965 and the Commons Registration (New Land) Regulations 1969. Mr Mazillius explained that the normal legal procedures were underway with a six week period for objections.

RESOLVED: That the information be received and noted.


Members considered the following items of correspondence:

IW Fire & Rescue Service; Public Consultation – Options for the future.

IW Council; Council Agenda 15.11.06

IW Council; Delegated decisions, Wroxall/Shanklin.

IW Council; Tree Officer decisions, Northwood.

IW Council; Record of Cabinet decisions.

IW Council; Forward Plan

IW Council; Delegated decision – Wightcare.

IW Council; Delegated decision – Transfer, In House Selective

Tender Lists to Constructionline.

IW Council; Cabinet Agenda 5.12.06

Gurnard PC; Planning Agenda and Minutes.

IW Society: November newsletter.

Footprint Trust; Recycling leaflet.

IW Council; Island Ports sustainability study.

IW Council; Overview of Quarterly Performance.

IWRCC; Mapping exercise.

RESOLVED: That the information be received and noted.


Roger Mazillius CC reported on the following:

Closure of Farringford Ward at St Mary’s – This is planned in order to bring severe dementia patients from Shackleton House to the hospital and Farringford is the only ward available. The latest response is that whilst putting dementia patients higher up the agenda is welcomed there is concern that the specialist nursing team in Farringford will be split up.

Pallance Road Improvements – A small area of land has been purchased from householders near the Wyatts Lane junction to allow the new raised footway to be of the required width. Following completion of the work it is intended to introduce a 30mph speed limit.

RESOLVED: That the report be received and noted.


Mr Miller spoke to this item which related to the rationale behind the budget given the status of the VMC not being the same as a parish council. Attention was drawn to the fact that following a recent consultation exercise on a suggested £8,000 budget no adverse comments had been received.

RESOLVED: That the information be noted.

83. 2007/8 BUDGET

RESOLVED: That the budget paper which forms part of these minutes (Appendix

  1. be approved and adopted and the Isle of Wight Council be requested to include a sum of £7,500 in the Northwood Parish special expenses levy to fund the budget.


A finance statement and monthly monitoring report both to the end of November 2006 prepared by the Isle of Wight Council and one account for payment were before the meeting.

RESOLVED: (a) That the reports be received and noted and Isle of Wight Council be asked to confirm that the £1,000 Parish Plan money in the budget can be carried forward and;

(b) That the following account be paid: £

R H Blezzard – Professional services and expenses 114.58


In the absence of the Chair of the Partnership no formal report was given. The Chair of the VMC reported that at the last meeting the main business was the 2007/8 budget bids which have now been approved in the VMC budget.

RESOLVED: That the report be received and noted.


David Miller reported that the Consultation Day had taken place in the WI Hall on 9 November followed up by a press release. A questionnaire was being produced to be circulated with the County Councillor’s report to the community. It will now be necessary to draft a parish plan structure. The next meeting will be on 7 December and there will be a further meeting in January ahead of the production of the parish plan.

RESOLVED: That the report be received and noted.


No matters were raised under this item.


RESOLVED: That Jilly Wood CC, Cabinet Member with responsibility for parish empowerment and Sue Chilton, head of the Parish and Community Team be invited to speak at a future meeting of the VMC.


RESOLVED: That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted it is in the public interest that the public and press be temporarily excluded and they are instructed to withdraw.



Members were advised that one application had been received for the post of Clerk to the VMC. Copies of the application were circulated. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 6 December.

RESOLVED: (a) That the applicant along with any others received by the closing date be invited to attend for interview at the WI Hall on Thursday 7 December commencing at 6.15pm (Chair to action);

(b) That the Interview Panel with power to appoint shall consist of The Chair, Peter Brooker and Penny Elford (substitute David Miller).

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm

Signed…………………………………. Date……………………….


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