Posted by Admin on 23 August 2007, 12:00 am

We were all very sad to learn of the passing of one of Northwood’s literary figures, and I do consider that we will be all the poorer for his passing. For many years T. C. Hudson has contributed poems to Northwood News, some having been written at a moment’s notice directly in response to my requests, and in all Cyril demonstrated his superb command and knowledge of the English language. Many are the times that I have been prompted to check on a particularly obscure word, only to find that it has been spelt not only absolutely correctly but contextually appropriate.

Cyril had a basic education until he took it upon himself to improve his knowledge by profound reading and correspondence courses. During the war he was tutored in Greek, French and Logic by The Reverend Constantine Sinclair, the Rector of Chale. Cyril worked at J. S. White & Co., firstly in the machine shop in Cowes, later as a draughtsman in the Drawing and Planning Department at the Somerton Works and finally Head of that department and deputising for the Works Manager. He was transferred to Head Office when the Somerton Works closed in 1966 and retired in 1975, thereafter devoting his time to the main loves of his life, water colour painting and literature.

His literary output has been profuse, with 500 poems, 100 articles and short stories, and 30 plays amongst his achievements. He has won over 70 cups and shields at various festivals and had several books published. Oh, and one radio play broadcast on Radio 2 in 1970. I have only been able to transcribe a selection of his works, which are displayed on the village website, but I do hope that they will remain of interest to Island residents as many of them reflect life on the Island and in Northwood from a bygone age.

Please do have a look at the selection of Cyril’s works on this website – the quick access button on the front page takes you directly to his section and thence to his articles and poems. They contain some fascinating tales about many local characters and provide some historical background to Northwood’s past. Have a look also at his Autobiographical Notes, which give more details of his life.

I most certainly consider it a privilege to have known TCH on a personal basis.

Alan Welfoot
Editor, Northwood News.

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