Village Management Committee and Community Partnership – April 2007

Posted by Admin on 21 March 2007, 12:00 am

It’s good to see the number of Northwood properties displaying the No Cold Calling notices. We believe there has been one recent attempt at cold calling. Therefore, the more households that display the notice the more this will help to reduce this national problem and help to make a safer community for all of us.

The Partnership has agreed eight sites for the location of the main signs with Cllr Roger Mazillius, Paul Fuller and the Isle of Wight Council. These will be prominently displayed at the village boundaries.

The amount of litter throughout our village continues to be a concern and spoils the efforts of the many people who have a pride in their community. Sweet wrappers and soft drink cans in particular, just seem to multiply on an almost daily basis. There are rubbish bins available around our village and every household has its own dustbin. Please take your rubbish home. It’s not too far away!

We are waiting for a response, from a Probation Service initiative, requesting help to clear litter.

The ‘Welcome Pack’ for new village residents is gradually taking shape. A harder task than we first thought. The next phase is to find a sponsor. Many thanks go to Alan Chick for his input towards making the pack a reality.

The ‘Chief Gnome’ aka Ron Willis, has returned from his trip to foreign parts. The welcome back must have been made even better by the wonderful floral displays to be seen throughout the village. All the ‘gnomes’ are to be congratulated for making this all possible.

The new Northwood sign at the corner of Cranleigh Gardens is also a great advertisement to demonstrate pride in our village.

Remember that Northwood is for all our residents. If you have ideas to improve our village life, let the Partnership know about it, or better still come along to our meetings.
Colin Palmerton
(Chairman of Northwood Community Partnership)

At the Northwood Village Management Committee meeting Sergeant Cocks reported a quiet month.

Matters reported were as follows:

2 x Burglaries

8 x Criminal Damage

1 x Theft

The police are asking for residents to be on their guard regarding a spate of walk-in burglaries that have taken place elsewhere on the Island. Locally in Northwood there have been burglaries from building sites. Sergeant Cocks has pleaded for any observations of anything suspicious to be reported to the police on 0845 045 45 45.

Paul Fuller and Cllr Mazillius were due to attend the Safer Communities Forum presentation to be held in Cowes on 21st March.
John Pullen.

The Council last month unleashed their latest proposals for improving school standards. The new proposals relate to extending Middle Schools by one year, to incorporate Year 9. This will enable High Schools, or new Learning Centres as they are to be called, to focus more fully on the new 14-19 Agenda holistically, within three different options.

For those who missed the consultation across the Island, and are still confused by the options, Roger Mazillius has arranged a meeting on Tuesday 3rd April at 7.00pm in Northwood School Hall.

As a parent with a child entering Year 9, this is an issue I have great interest in, and would look forward to meeting other parents whose children will be affected by these changes.
Paul Fuller

Much like the proverbial bus…. This month, I’ve received not one – but three requests to write an article on Seagulls being fed by residents – and the effects that this has on the neighbouring community.

In one instance, this has apparently led to an infestation of mice and rats which has created an issue for neighbours.

I have been asked to request that when feeding birds residents consider those living nearby with pristine washing on lines, pristine cars and pristine children…that gulls, and a recent influx locally of Herring Gulls, can be harmful and should be discouraged. Better still, help the environment and support our traditional garden birds by acquiring a dispenser to feed birds…
Paul Fuller

Work has now started on the first draft of THE NORTHWOOD COMMUNITY PLAN. This follows in the wake of the return of Questionnaires from many households during December and February and the recent Planning For Real Exhibition which we coordinated with Northwood School a couple of weeks ago.

The latest consultation that is being undertaken is with local businesses and their respective employees, whereby we are trying to get an idea of how they wish Northwood to evolve in the years ahead. If you run a local business, and have not received a Questionnaire please contact Colin Cramp on 01983 289996. The deadline for returns is: Tuesday 10th April.

With any luck, the First Draft of the Plan will be consulted upon next month, with the Plan due to be launched during the Summer. Many thanks to the 330 (approx.) residents who have so far returned Questionnaires, to those who have been involved in attending our various exhibitions, and for the words of encouragement we have all been given. The working party’s excitement is now getting harder to contain insofar that it seems so worthwhile now that it is all beginning to take shape.

Next month, for those who are interested, or have a ‘thing about statistics‘, we will have the results from the Residents’ Questionnaire.
Paul Fuller

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