Village Management Committee and Community Partnership – June 2007

Posted by Admin on 20 May 2007, 12:00 am

Maxine Yule, Secretary to the Northwood Village Management Committee, was pleased to tell the Partnership that she has already obtained interest from several young people in the village to investigate what we can do for them. If you or your child wants to see better facilities please give Maxine a ring on 01983 297367 or email:

Steve Oatley, our village Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) attended our Partnership meeting on the 23rd April and gave a full, but thankfully minimal, report on the current local crime statistics. With everyone taking an interest in keeping our village safe we are more likely to keep it that way. If there are any points you wish to raise with him, or with any of the Partnership members please come along to the school on Monday 25th June 2007, from 6pm. As always, you are most welcome to talk to Steve at any time as he is out and about in the area.

Joyce Knight has obtained a possible range of costs for the village map. The next step is to decide what information should be shown on it.

To date, four village households have expressed an interest in having a local allotment area. To enable this scheme to progress, two more households are needed. If you are one of them, please get in touch with any member of your Partnership.

The ‘Calor Village of the Year’ time is fast approaching. Our village has already gained 2 second places and a highly commended. The competition entails quite a lot of input from us and some extra pairs of hands to help would be very much appreciated. It isn’t a lifetime of commitment but an opportunity for our village to win some real money to use for the benefit of all village residents.

Don’t forget, if you want to have your say or help in any way, in keeping and improving our village for everyone, please come along to any of the following meetings. They all start at 6pm and are held at Northwood Primary School:

Monday 25th June 2007 and Monday 16th July 2007.

Colin Palmerton: Chairman, Northwood Community Partnership

Tree Wardens Wanted!
Are you interested in the welfare and preservation of trees? Northwood Village Management Committee are looking to invite at least two residents of Northwood to act as tree wardens in the area.

This will simply involve monitoring trees (health, vulnerability, safety, preservation etc.) and making the committee aware of any problems or concerns. No specialist knowledge required, just an observant eye. If you want to know more please let me know!
Penny Elford, Tel: 01983 289945

Neighbourhood Watch Report.
We are pleased to report, as you may have noticed, that the No Cold Calling signs are now in place around the Village. Please remember to display the small sign that came with your pack in a prominent place.

Most of the graffiti has been removed from various locations and, hopefully, it will not re-appear. One area of concern is that, once again, the Scout Hut in Wyatts Lane has been targeted by vandals. In the latest incident, windows were again smashed. The police have been informed. Please, if you see anything suspicious call the police on 0845 045 45 45.

Statistics from Safer Communities for the last twelve months show, as far as crime is concerned, it has been a good year for Northwood.

Sgt Cocks reported at the Northwood Village Management Committee AGM that in the last year no sexual offences, no robberies, and only one dwelling burglary occurred. In Gurnard and Northwood combined there were 51 reports of criminal damage, which amounts to only one per week. Only three drug offences were reported.

Our local Beat Police Officer, PC Mark Thomas, has asked us to remind you of the Northwood Community Forum on the 29th of May at 8pm, to be held at the W.I. Hall. This will be your opportunity to meet with the Police Safer Communities Team and talk about the things that concern you.

It has been confirmed that PC Mark Thomas and PCSO Steve Oatley will continue to cover Northwood for the foreseeable future. Safer Communities on the Island had positive reports and more sergeants had been sent over from the Mainland.

With the summer fast approaching PC Mark Thomas has asked parents of teenagers to remain vigilant on their children’s whereabouts in the evenings. This follows a number of incidents where children have advised parents they have been sleeping at their friends’ houses and have been found intoxicated, often purchasing alcohol from other young people. Mark assures me the police are currently taking the issue of under-age drinking seriously and will be issuing fixed penalties to anybody they suspect of selling alcohol, whilst confiscating all alcohol seized.
John Pullen

Northwood Parish Plan Business Questionnaire.
In March I gave a questionnaire to 67 businesses within Northwood Parish. The questionnaire consisted of 12 questions suggested by members of the Parish Plan Working Party.

Although the responses could have been better, we were pleased with those 16 businesses which replied. Please, if you are a local business and have not returned your Questionnaire we would welcome your response in the SAE supplied!!

Using the completed questionnaires as a sample, only 10% of the workforce live in Northwood Parish. The clearest results from all the questions were :

67% are of the opinion that being located in Northwood is advantageous to their business.

88% see no advantage in meeting with the soon-to-be-established Parish Council.

73% believe sufficient training opportunities exist.

67% say there are no actions the IW Council could take to help ensure their business stays or grows in its present location.

For further information contact Colin Cramp on 01983 289996.

Recycling Bins Back by Popular Demand!!
We now have some Black Paper Recycling Bins back in stock. If you require one please contact me. Due to popular demand, these will be handed out on a first come, first served basis.

We also have a few organic bins still available again; if you require one please let me know.

John Pullen, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Tel: 01983 281250

Annual Report from Northwood’s Shadow Parish Council.
This year has proved to be a busy year for the Northwood Village Management Committee.

In the terms of highway improvements and with planning applications we have worked closely with Roger and the Isle of Wight Council to ensure residents’ views do not fall upon deaf ears. With our representations on local planning applications, we are pleased to report that more often than not the Isle of Wight Council have listened to and support our community’s views.

With regard to how we consult with local residents, we have remained committed to engaging with residents by way of our monthly public meetings. Through Northwood News and Questionnaires and Exhibitions for the Parish Plan, these have made this a bumper year for consulting your views! In the past year we have strengthened our links with the police through PC Mark Thomas and look forward to working closely with Thelma Howland and Gill Miles from Northwood School, Revd Lyn McRostie and alongside our many friends within the organisations of Northwood.
We are also pleased to retain the lowest precept of all five Management Committees on the Island, this being a testament to the strong spirit of our village volunteers; most notable are those within the Community Partnership.

All members found themselves on a very steep learning curve regarding our new responsibilities within the framework of the Management Committee and formerly Bob Blezzard and currently Maxine have been invaluable in leading us collectively through the minefields of local government.

Although much of our consultations are over, we remain mindful there continues to be much further work that needs to be done both now and following publication of the Parish Plan. In the meantime we continue to urge residents to come along to our monthly meetings. By all means continue to give me a hard time if you are not happy with what we are doing!

I wish to applaud all of the volunteers that were thrown into the deep end of post-emparishment last May, and look forward to going forward to do great things for the village in the year ahead!
Paul Fuller, Chairman of the Northwood Village Management Committee Telephone: 01983 289595.

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