Posted by Admin on 27 June 2006, 12:00 am

Examine golden trinkets from Mycenae,
and nymphic Helen will reclaim
her omnipresent Paris;
mature for epics yet unpenned.

Or dream of Normancourt, with hull like melaphyre,
scroll-gilded stem and stern, close-hauled
to Ocean’s breath – opposing with an elegant
effrontery the vast incalculable sea.

With caution lift a bowl of Chinese porcelain,
subtle as a thought; than early trysts of innocence more delicate.
Its genie will erase five hundred years,
and Ming resume the throne in far Cathay.

Then break the mirror of a tropical lagoon:
explore a pale pellucid world of ichthyic elancings –
of rainbow-tinted flittings thro’ a coral maze.

Dissolve the ages in contemplative regard
of marble, quarried in Pentelicus
that Pheidias might fashion all-excelling
symmetries for violet-crowned Athens.

See art and history conjoined – in miniature
thus: Chantilly’s Book of Hours: or scaled
to tapestry by Gobelin – royal warp and weft.

For words and their delight seek Herrick’s verse,
or Ruskin’s rich mellifluent assays,
wherein Angelico defies the wheels of time.

Enjoy an overwhelming solitude, say Easter Island’s,
alone in extra-zodiacal isolation;
remote with Aku-Aku and the giant gods.

Observe complexities of heraldry: the arms of Churchill
all charged and quartered to perfection;
for France the fleur-de-lis, Saint George for England;
enduring ties with ancient chivalry.

Consider Markova – part gossamer, part faery maid,
with art to register pathetic nadirs of Giselle.
Exemplar of classicism and thistledown inspired.
Admire, and mourn each perfect movement’s transience.

Absorb the holy emanations of a Luini Adoration,
until its purifying essence soothes the mind.
Tranquil at last, surpass the Magi in devotion –
the spirit’s thurible a-swing; prayer’s frankincense ascending high.


From Kairos – Selected Poems No 1, a book of Mr Hudson’s poetry.


Kairos means “opportune moment”.

T. C. Hudson

© T. C. Hudson.

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