Posted by Admin on 15 May 2006, 12:00 am

“They play a waltz! Who now at leisure
will join me in its triple pleasure,
and trip a light fantastic toe
as round the ballroom floor we go?”
asked Denise whose steps were light
as dent-de-lion seeds in flight.
“I will,” an older man replied
(a dabster at the Palais Glide)
“With pleasure your new partner be
in footing it to one, two, three;
which poet Byron waxing lyrical,
pronounced endearing and seductive
in verses catalogued satirical,
at which his quill oft was productive.
Though I still shake a nifty shoe
‘twill be a pleasure overdue;
for now obnoxious pop engages,
I have not danced a waltz for ages.”

And so it was the disparate pair,
Denise, the girl with itching feet,
her partner tall and debonair,
essayed a circuit to complete.
But soon it was quite evident
that things were not as they should be,
the gentleman without intent
would dance two four to her three three.
Just as a polka would require,
his feet were lifted even higher,
which caused the fair Denise to frown
when shoes entangled with her gown;
and then things went from bad to worse
when he decided to reverse,
for he, no Sectre de la Rose,
soon landed on his partner’s toes.
So with the dance not yet complete
Denise broke contact tout de suite,
and, like a bull with lowered head,
she lifted up her gown … and fled!

(A pastiche of the type of verse in Punch, circa 1920)

T. C. Hudson

© T. C. Hudson.
This work may not be reproduced without prior permission of the author.

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